Sunday, May 12, 2013


 Joy.  Mother's Day weekend we went out on the river.  It was hot.  Very hot.  

Our captain...seen above. This guy just plain gets better with time.  Better and better looking.  Seriously.

3 amigos at the front of the boat!

Zihao taking it all in

 I'm choosing to show you pictures that reflect joy.  Not sure if this was joy from Taizi as he was screaming and hitting himself just seconds earlier. Then turned to hysteria. But it looks like joy so we'll show the picture. :)

So proud of my Tirzah girl! She got in the water! She was fine til she remembered fish live there...then it was panic ;)
 Zunduka jumped first. No warning of water temperature at all! Yikes!
 Zion ... thought about it ;)
 Azahria and Izrael ;)
 Miss Tirzah Liberty. She's as lovely as she looks.
 Miss Love her. Little Izrael Promise
 This picture is funny. Caught Zunduka in the biggest yawn ever!
 Yes. My children wanted Mama to jump. 8 months pregnant and water in a inhumane temperatures. I seriously felt like I was going to have a heart attack moments after I jumped. Not sure how smart it was but it made them all smile :)
 A very classic quirkly Taizi face
 Daddy and baby girl Azahria
 Mama and Izrael :)
 Mother's Day.  Surrounded by 9 (10) children that call me Mama. 


  1. Very cute pictures. Happy Mother's Day!! ~Halee

  2. I loved all the pictures... but those last 2? A bit emotional! So. Much. Love.
    Love you friend... still praying for you though not as vocal lately! ;) So glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day on the water. Perfection. :D

  3. Thank you Janna for continuing to pray for us. XOXO

  4. Such a beautiful family, Janice!