Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Just a peek into a day.

We got called this morning confirming Zihao's dental surgery tomorrow morning. Then the scheduler says "you will get his pediatrician appt done today?" .....WHAT?  No.  That didn't sit well.  Nine children. No appt. No mention of an appt. Yes, yes, I should remember from the other kids...but I didn't. 

So I called my ped and she says 'come now'....Great. And...no problem.

I have minutes to get all 9 children ready and out the door.  Thankfully...we are not a pajama-in-the-day-family so everyone was dressed. 

We get there and all goes well.

The problem is I had an ob appt at 11. The doc still hadn't walked in the office at 10:42. I'm 15 minutes away from my OB.  :) I go tell her I have to see her now or we have to leave...

She races in. Clears him for surgery.

We leave.  Help buckle all the little kids in the van. Text Dean like crazy to meet me at the OB office.  I get there...he's not there. He texts me "I'm here"...I'm confused.  He's at the ped. office. :( uhhhh now I'm late. I go in and check in and run back out to the van. They always have me sit in the waiting room for 45 minutes away....not today. A few minutes later she comes running out calling my name.  Dean isn't there yet.  :)

I wait finally he shows up. I run in the office, they call me right in :)

Good news: I lost 3 lbs in 1 week (am 33wks)..and am now only measuring 2 weeks ahead instead of 5wks!  Doctor said our baby is measuring big...75-80th% which does panic me a bit.  I'm not one of those believers that whatever size your baby...you can handle it. There are 2 sets of genetics involved here....and my third baby which was in less than 3 years from baby number 1...was SO almost a c-section due to head size.  The doctor says head is quite large.  hmmm. 

Just another thing for me to surrender.

I should be a master at this ... but I'm not.

We'll plan on 39weeks like we have done with the last 4 babies.

He does think this one will be our biggest yet.  I had a dream 2 nights ago that she was 10lbs11oz and I was so sad that I missed the newborn stage :) Hope that wasn't prophetic...;)

Andddd...we were on our way. Dean back to work. Me back home with the kids to do lunch and naps and get to work for the afternoon.


Just a peek into our morning. 

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