Thursday, May 23, 2013


It's been busy lately. In case you can't tell from seeing the lack of posts :)

I'll get more consistent with it.

Taizi is being...Taizi! Good news! :)  He's definitely putting weight on, getting pudgy, and definitely not growing taller...and definitely getting harder and harder to carry everywhere (says both Dean and I). hmmmm.

Our next Seattle appt is June 15. That's Zihao's ear tubes. Then the 17th for Cranio for Azlan, Zihao and Taizi to see what steps we will take next.

We finally got all of Taizi's blood work done. Poor Dean. He volunteered to take him and it was a runaround of labs. Not surprisingly the blood work was intense and several of the local labs were not equipped to do it.  Then it was too much for 1 draw so we had to come back a second time.  That time took longer as they didn't have the supplies and Dean and a fasted-Taizi had to wait for the stuff to arrive and it didn't sound fun.

However it's all done at this point and now we wait to hear the results.

Zihao is doing well.  Lots of English and funny ways of saying it which  is cute.  Zihao's birthday is May 26th...cake is ordered, Zihao-style and gifts are on their way (thanks to Amazon).  Love love love shipping to my door. Seriously.

Anndddd our 13th anniversary is Monday.  Yes.  13 years.  To say we have come a long way is such a gross understatement.  We had wanted to get away for the weekend to celebrate...we will do it...perhaps just delayed.  Our work schedules are pretty full and being 35weeks pregnant....there is a new baby coming soon :) Not that we intend to slow down much...but :)

As my life races before the form of 'just another day'...I'm brought humbly to my knees as Christina (my close friend's niece) is dying.  Really...knowingly...dying.  I've been so moved by watching this from afar.  I've never seen someone die so gracefully.  There is no "why?" there is no bitterness...there is simply joy as she waits to meet her Savior.  Can you imagine...that being you? Leaving behind a husband of 1.5 years...a 6month old baby boy...?  And fully, to the end...trusting God that He is only good.

See when SHE says "He is good" you sit up and pay attention.  When someone rattles it off on fb because they just got a job promotion or a new house or their new baby was born take it with a grain of salt. Will they still say He is good when things aren't going quite so ideal? When your baby is born with a serious health condition? When you get the dreadful news of a health concern in your family becoming a reality?  His goodness does not depend on your circumstances. He IS good.  He cannot be otherwise.

When Christina and her family say "He is good" it is moving to the core.

Faith. Alive and real.

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