Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Never underestimate your ability to influence.

On Sunday, a lady came up to me outside church and said her son had something special for Zion. While reading this blog she read how Zion loved soldiers and always talks of being one someday.  Her son is an Army Ranger.

I put the note in my purse and promised to give it to Zion after Sunday School.

When we got home we sat down and opened the note. His eyes were huge.  I mean...huge.  "A REAL soldier wrote me a letter...?".  He read the letter then held it close to his chest.  He said the coin was the most special thing he's ever owned and he would never ever ever lose it.

I'm not sure if this young man knew how much this would mean to our 7 year old little boy.  But he hasn't lost sight of that letter and coin since he got it.  In fact, I told him I would frame it and put it in his room.

Something really special is that bottom verse. Joshua 1:9 is the first verse Zion (and our other children) ever memorized. They still say it out loud when they are afraid.  In a child's version "Be strong and brave...because God is with you".  

With a middle name of Courage...I looked at Dean Sunday afternoon and said "you know..." and he smiled.  Zion would be passionate about fighting for his country someday.  Yes...he's 7.  But he talks about the courage of a soldier all day long.  

To Garrett: Thank you.  Thank you for taking the time to influence a little boy.  He doesn't know you...and yet holds you in the highest regard.  You are a hero to him.  And that fact that you are a hero that trusts in even more inspiring to Zion Courage.