Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Let's see. What has happened between then and now...?

Last week, Dean and I drove to Salt Lake for a business conference. With friends. Without kids. Not joking. :) And ... I almost cried at leaving them.  :)

However.  They loved Miss Amy and had such a great time with her and that makes everything easier. It was tough for my sweet friend b/c she had to keep her distance from Zihao especially.  He was very well cared for but not cuddled by her. He would be a total mess today if he was.

The morning we left, I woke...and said "I'm so going to be sick!" and ran to the bathroom barely making it in time before puking everywhere. I've done more exciting things at 31 weeks pregnant!  When we woke the next morning in Salt Lake...I said the same thing. It however was worse. I barely made it and once I did, I started passing out while throwing up. Hope that's not too much of a nasty visual but I ended up crawling back to the bed where I vomited...while laying down.

Ok this was concerning. And to top it off my left foot was extremely swollen.  I was weak, dizzy and not ok.  I called my ob and she, the most unalarmed ob ever...said "you need to go to the ER".  Are you kidding...? Yes this is just what I felt like doing.  Kudos to University of Utah's ER...I was in and out in 2 hours!!! I had every test clearing me. No dehydration. No Pre-E.  Nothing.  No idea why I was vomiting.

Then the next day, Amy calls to say Azlan woke in the night saying he couldn't breathe well.  He wasn't sick but she could see his breaths were very accelerated and shallow. She let him sleep with her and though improved in the morning, it was still there. We called a friend who came and picked him up and brought him to the ER.  The doctor called me on my cell phone and said it was very strange. Azlan seemed perfectly fine except his breathing was 2-3x the normal rate!  I told him his tolerance for pain is extremely high an the fact that HE was concerned in the night was a red flag to us.  He did xrays ruling out pneumonia and decided to treat him for Bronchitis with an inhaler and steroids.  When we got home, I took him to his pediatrician.  She was surprised to hear his lungs were still extremely wheezy and said she would anticipate a quick response to the meds, having been on them for 3 days already (it was only a 4 day prescription).  So she up-ed his dosage and said we'll see him Friday. If still wheezing she was send him to a specialist assuming we are dealing with Asthma.

I'm still shocked about the whole deal.  No allergies, asthma whatsoever in any of our children and they are very healthy. He would be compromised of course and we've often wondered if he has an obstructed airway due to the Golden Har Syndrome (not uncommon with that diagnosis).

I went to my OB yesterday and my swelling (edema) in my one foot has now turned to pretty extreme pitted edema ( where the mark from pressing in on it stays for a long time).  I was measuring a full 37 weeks at 32 weeks and she ordered another ultrasound for Thursday.

How do I feel? Great.  Ok. My rib pain is off the charts but looks like I'm stuck with that. The skin is so tender around my ribs and I'm not kidding that I can feel them out of place.

The kids are all doing good with the transition.  Chazano did amazing which was a good sign, he struggles with attachment pretty bad but did really really well.  Taizi had a set back for sure but we would fully anticipate that and it's totally ok.

It's hot. Beautiful. And we are back to full routine.

Tomorrow we go to Seattle for ENT for Azlan, Zihao and Taizi.  Nice to be moving to the next step for Azlan and Zihao. I'm thinking they will now schedule the ABR for Taizi since he had the CAT scan.

There it is. The factual update :)

I'll write more soon.

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  1. Happy to hear from you... hang in there, and take care!