Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Done...for now.

Two back to back treks to Seattle and we are done. And it's good because I'm done. You know...as in 38wks pregnant, done. :)

Friday we went and had Zihao's ear tubes put in and his skin tags removed.  The surgery went really well and it was good to see him have normal reactions instead of trying to charm everyone.  He was very quiet and clingy to mommy.  That shows we are making progress.  I stayed with him until he was asleep and I have to admit that right at the end when his eyes popped up and his muscles went stiff...I could feel the blood drain from my face...and the doctor came close and said "no, no, he's fine. He's asleep this is a normal reaction".  eeeeek!

We were shocked at the instant result. We now have a very soft spoken little boy that talks WAY clearer. We could see these changes in 24 hours post surgery!  Amazing.

We came home and had a great weekend. Our new pool is set up and we are loving it.  It's way bigger than the one we had for the last few years (that was sporting huge slashes this year and had to be discarded) and since we are way bigger...it's great!  We took the kids swimming (I did, Dean was working) and it may have been Zihao's first time swimming, we don't know. He was very very nervous but loved it! So did Izrael!  Our weather has been great so the water isn't too freezing and we all had a lot of fun all weekend.

Monday morning early we were all on the way to Seattle again.  I was non excited about the day knowing what lay ahead. And...I was right. Sadly :)

5.5 hours of me, Azlan, Zihao and Taizi in the tiniest doctor office.  With Taizi going through each phase of either spitting, hysterical giggling, crying and hitting...yah. We were all crazy by the end.

It went really well though.  We saw the whole team for each of them.

Taizi weighed 10.5 kilo which surprised us. We expected much more. He is noticeably chunky but the really good news was he finally grew in height! 2cm taller!  So while it was only .3 kilo in weight change...the height was great news.  We talked nutrition, surgery and heart.  Bottom line is everything depends on his heart.  We were told "he's still in heart failure because his heart is not pumping strong enough post surgery". Never knew he was in heart failure to begin with. Interesting terminology.

We were told Zihao's palate is definitely not closing for his speech therefore very nasal. However since he just had his ears done and is so new to english we are going to wait 6 months and reevaluate before therapy and speech surgery.

Azlan's speech appt was the best.  They were able to hear exactly how severe his struggles are.  And we have a plan. We are driving over 1 hour each way to speech therapy each way at least 1x a week. Yes.  Crazy. However we'll go to Seattle and back to get him the help he needs so this is all good. Quite the commitment but she believes it will help him tremendously.

Not sure I can yet even think beyond that to recall what else was discussed...it was a very long day. We ended it with 1.5 hours at the zoo. yes it's a huge zoo...yes that's even a long time to be at a zoo. :) I despise zoos and honestly this was the longest walks ever and every animal was sleeping.  Ahhhh!  Confirming the little zoo in Idaho Falls was our favorite to date! We did have fun though and had a few funny moments there with the few animals who were not sleeping ;)

So we are home and glad to have Seattle treks behind us for a while. There's likely some for July that we haven't been notified yet and that's good...because right at the moment, we are good with not knowing ;)

Daddy & Zihao post ear surgery

Izrael and Piggy ;)

Azahria Peace :)

Zunduka and monkeys (he loves!)

A bunch of monkeys!!

Looking at the elephant!!

Reading her map as she goes ;)

Chazano and Azlan reading the map




38 weeks


  1. Just wanted to say hello, & let you know I'm thinking of you... Hope all is well at your house, & with your baby on the way. Trusting God will take care of you & your amazing family! Blessings!

  2. Could it be that there is a new baby and therefore, no posts?

  3. Selena thank you for your sweet comment. Deborah...indeed. <3 Updated for you.