Saturday, June 1, 2013


It's a lot of work.

The payoff is incredibly rewarding.

Though sometimes very very slow.

Taizi is walking.

Yes. Walking.  He can take 15-20 steps. They are labored.  And he tires quickly. But you had to see him 6 months ago.


Today Make a Wish came to our house. Laden with gifts.  Taizi loved the stuffed cow.  He cuddled it like he knew it was special for him.

We visited. They were so kind and loved our family.  We talked about our wish for Taizi as he's not able to articulate it himself. They are going to throw a party for him and asked what his favorite food is! You know it...Gerber baby food BANANAS!! :) That is indeed what he will eat at his party :)

We had a great day with our family. It started with donuts from the bakery, coffee for Mama, a very clean house and the most beautiful, amazing 9 kids ever.  

We went out and got lunch and ate it by the river and skipped rocks for a few hours.  They never tire of it.

Zunduka is quiet and studious.  All day at the park he kept thinking about how he was going to draw and write about this day when he got home. :)

This photo captures Zion's personality better than any other. How can a child be so funny, entertaining, quirky...and yet have the biggest heart ever...? He's a beautiful soul.

Miss Izrael Promise. Walking like the king Sneetch herself. She's a doll baby.

Daddy with Zihao and Izrael

ALL boy. He was whipping those rocks, not skipping! ;)

And then the contrast. We were all laughing b/c she would pick them up and just let them fall out of her hand ;)

Such a little pretty, Miss Azahria Peace.

Chazano & Azlan 

She's a lover.  Came up behind me and was so so cute.


Love this picture of Izrael and Daddy

And the perfect way to end this post.  Yes I snapped pictures while we were praying. It's so beautiful. Love that if I give a snack to Zihao and Izrael I'll hear an older child pray with them, thanking God for their snack, unprompted.  

It was a wonderful day. Filled with wonderful gifts.  9 of them...seen above.  #10 is so very very's surreal.  I'm almost 36weeks...and still in shock :)


  1. i think taizi has a perfect last name :) <3 love this peek into your day!