Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Lots of progress. But the process has not been easy.  In fact...none of us would argue that it would have been easier to just 'let him be' and yet we all know he wouldn't be close to where he is today.

He went from fully on a bottle with the end cut off...to a bottle with food in it...to a syringe...to a spoon...to no more baby food...to table food mushed up...to now on full blown solids....!  He doesn't know how to use his teeth so that's the struggle but he chews with his front teeth.

We are now moving away from the sippy cup. He drinks out of a cup as long as we hold it.  Oh I forgot to say...in all the food development...he picks UP his food with his own hand and puts it in his own mouth! Amazing.

He also loves honeycombs.  And will put them in his mouth at church.  You couldn't possibly comprehend how far he has come. We hardly can.

Had to share.


  1. Amazing what love can do...

  2. How great is our God?! :)

    So happy for Taizi, & so thankful for his sweet family. Thank you for sharing your family with us; it's always a blessing to me.