Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Love. Pigs. Kids. And Love.

We have had such an amazing summer.  And then we topped it off with an impromptu day at the fair.

The kids were so excited. And so were we ... because it wasn't as hot as we remember it being at the fair ;)

one very handsome daddy


Azlan. Best smile ever.

Pigs! Clean pigs.

Oh they love the animals!

Our amazing crew!

Piggy..meet ... piggy!

So cute. Love how excited she was to see real piggies. And shocked she really loved them!

These two. The best.

Chazano. Love his bleached hair!

Great picture of Taizi. He looks so peaceful...but he wasn't. :)

Love this girl! Even if it is the wrong hand over her heart...during the anthem ;)

My lovely.  Oh Tirzah. The world needs more of you.

Our family at the rodeo. All for Tirzah ;)  Not quite but she loved it!

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  1. GREAT photos Janice. Looks like you all had a great time.