Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Our wish…came true!

Monday December 9, we all arrived at the airport at 4:30am! Ready to fly!

Here we are with our wish coordinator

Excited? Oh you have no idea! Azahria, Chazano and Zihao

Zunduka, Zion and Azlan

Oh..and mister Taizi himself! ;)

Annnnd here we are in Orlando!

The flights were amazing. Not only were they but the people were too. We had so many people stop and ask us about our family.  Stewardesses loved the children.  There was a family on our first flight that asked if we by chance "liked horses" :) He gave us his business card and introduced us to his family and said "please, please call us! We'd love to welcome you to our home and let you ride our horses!" That was pretty amazing.

We arrived at Give Kids The World. What a magical place. An entire village only for Make A Wish families!

Azahria on the unicorn (of course :)

Tirzah on her brown horse.

And yes…a piggy for Izrael Promise!

Taizi and his new Mickey Mouse!

Chazano and Zihao

We met my parents there that evening. They have never seen Izrael, Zihao, Taizi or Nazara!

So full of personality, these 2!

Azlan and Zihao were sharing a big banana split. They sat down and right in front of us all, Azlan stopped Zihao and said "no we have to pray first". Precious.


Papa and the girls.

Day 2 we stayed at the villa.  The night before flying, Dean and I only slept 2 hours and were quite exhausted.  We decided to hang out and swim, ride the train, get lots of ice cream and have a low key day.

Doesn't get cuter!

Mommy teaching Taizi to clap every time the train came around!


The crew!

Water wars!


Papa is a whale :)


Azlan and Mommy on the tire swing

Taizi and mommy on a rooster!

Day 3 we went to Magic Kingdom.  Our day started with breakfast at the village. Meeting Ronald McDonald at the village:

On the tram headed to Disney!

Daddy and princess on the boat!

It was one of our hottest days! around 84 and humid

Mommy got the teacup ride, Daddy doesn't like ;)

On the Mermaid ride :)


We LOVED this one!



So cute

Day 4 we went to Animal Kingdom.  The kids had fun though not near Magic Kingdom, fun.

African Safari

Love these 2!

Chazano boy

Nana Zion and Chazano

brave Izrael petting the snake!

They loved the petting zoo

Dean and I were gone for quite a bit on rides w/ the kids. Nana had Nazara. When we got back I picked her up (5.5months) and she gave her first kisses ever! MANY! She grabbed my face and kissed and kissed! it was the best!

Look at that! ;)

That night Uncle Jonny and Auntie Caroline met us at the village! Jonathan is my younger brother

Nazara is very intense. She gives super intense eye contact :)

We all had our pics take with Santa

Izrael LOVED Minnie!

Taizi…not so sure!



A pic with Uncle Jonny and Auntie Caroline

Day 5 was back to Magic Kingdom

One of our favorite rides. We even got Tirzah on it! She said "it was great except for that 50' plunge" yes! We know...look at poor Zion...screaming! It was quite the drop.

We went right from Magic Kingdom to Arabian Knights Dinner Show. It was a gift from Dean's dad and stepmom. It was a fun, beautiful horse show and Tirzah's highlight!

Day 6 was Sea World. My favorite day.

Love this picture! I had dared Chazano to put his hands up but he was bummed I sat in front of him and couldn't see if he did it. Well I do now!

Every show was so so amazing!

We had our own special one on one time with the dolphins!

The dolphin trainer that was so kind to our family

Oh the Christmas Miracle show was amazing!

And...there it is.

The summary...? One amazing gift.  A week we will never forget and one that truly feels like a dream. It was go, go, go and we never wasted a moment.  That was a lot of walking b/c we took no down days in between park days.  The kids loved every bit of it and we are thankful we got to share it with my parents.

Really it was a wish come true. We are so thankful.


  1. Beautiful pictures! So glad you had a wonderful time!

  2. Dena!!! Did you know that commenting would remind me I don't think I ever emailed you back? SO so sorry! Merry Christmas to you!!

  3. Hahaha! I know you are a super busy gal :0) No worries! Merry Christmas :0)

  4. I feel awful. It's on my list :) Merry Christmas to you as well :)