Monday, January 6, 2014

2014. The year of...

No regrets.

I do believe in resolutions. I love clean slates. Fresh starts. New pages. New years.

I love do-overs.

I love deep breaths of clean air.

New years.

There are just no guarantees of tomorrow.

This goal is a year of no regrets.  No regretting not spending enough time with our children. No regretting saying "just wait" and never actually getting to it. No regretting putting off what is most important. No regretting not taking the time to reach out to the lonely...hurting...sad.  No regretting not making time for a friend for coffee.  No regretting not working hard enough.

No regrets.

Sure I'll fail.  But I will make it a point to look back at 2014 and think "wow I lived out of the box, out of my comfort zone...I feared not helping people more than I feared what they'd think when I attempted to help them, I loved more, laughed more, hurt more with others than I knew I could...but this year I really lived. I lived and I lived with no regrets..."

If 2014 were to be my last year on's to be my one with the most courage, least fear...

Most memories made with my family...least regrets of wasted time...

Happy 2014.

Happy New Year...of no regrets.


  1. Couldn't agree more
    Beautifully written

  2. Don't know if you like Lecrae (well sure you would like him but not sure of his music style ;)... but he has a really good song called No Regrets! Blessings in 2014, Marianne

  3. Thank you Marianne, I'll check it out!