Saturday, January 25, 2014

Faith trumps reason.

I've been thinking about this.

Making sense of something ... reasoning it out...doesn't require faith.  I know, I know...I'm the same. I like to figure it out. Write it out. Plan it.  And if it all pans out...let's go.  Whatever it is.  But when God calls you to something...whether small or's just not faith if you have to make sense of it first.

So many things I don't have the answers for.  I don't know the future. Yes...yes...if we had reasoned it out, we would have said 'no'. But it was something we saw God calling us to...very clearly..and that trumped reason.

How is faith even a part of it...if it all makes sense?

Watching God move in your whatever may not make sense. It may not add up. But if He's moving and calling you to something...

Faith trumps reason.

I'm convinced we miss out on so much because if it doesn't make sense, isn't logical, isn't practical...we say 'no'.

How can you see God provide when you didn't step out in faith? We are so self-sufficient often do we really need Him...?


The challenge: opt for faith over reason.


  1. Wow. This hits home for me. On a "faith trumps reason" journey at this very moment. Trusting that The Lord knows what's best for me and my family!!