Sunday, February 2, 2014

Angels in my backyard, Mommy.

"I had the best dream ever Mommy. I think it was a was so real. There were angels in my backyard. And they don't look like what you think..."

3 years 8 months ago Zunduka was adopted from Africa.  He was orphaned with his twin brother as a little baby (younger than Nazara is now...oh my heart...).  With scars on his chest from the local witch doctor trying to heal him from some ailment...this little boy has had his scary baggage.  There were many nights he would lay awake in his bed and "see a hand...a hand not attached to a body...come and reach toward my face".  Often I would walk down into the boys' room before we went to bed, hours after they were 'asleep' and I would see this big eyeballs staring through the dark at me. Wide awake. He told me one of the worst nights was when the hand kept coming...he put the blankets over his head but when he looked out the hand touched his face then disappeared.  This was a repeated terror over months and months. We prayed over him...broke the curses placed over him and took nothing lightly. Knowing the spiritual world is real and more powerful than we know...this was nothing to ignore.  The little boy spent many days and nights in all out terror. Heart breaking.  He never slept alone, we made sure of that...but even in the bedroom with his brothers, he was so very afraid.

One night we let all the kids have a sleepover in mommy and daddy's room .We have a large sectional couch in our master bedroom and yes...there's room for 10 children in there :) This was pre-Nazara but that wouldn't have made a difference.  In the middle of the night there was a shrill that could still give me goose bumps. Dean and I bolted out of bed and Zunduka was screaming...breathlessly. I mean...he was screaming.  He kept saying "the hand...don't let it get me...the's coming!" and without a second thought both Dean and I started praying out loud as we grabbed him off the couch. We commanded whatever evil was in our room to leave and leave instantly.  Zunduka slowly settled on Daddy's shoulder.  What struck me is that later while laying in bed between Dean and I...he was still wide awake...all three of us were...he again jumped up and said "it's here again...the hand...the hand" and no amount of holding, assuring him was a comfort. He could definitely see something.  Again commanding whatever evil was tormenting him to leave in Jesus' name...we all laid down in an odd silence...and slept.

He's never seen it since.

This morning we were getting ready for church. I was holding Nazara and Zunduka said "I had the best dream ever Mommy. I think it was a was so real. There were angels in my backyard. And they don't look like what you think..."

I asked him to tell me about it and we sat down on the couch.  He was so alive. Sparkling. My heart was pounding.

"There was this guy....(he shudders) and he was really bad. Scary. And bad." I asked him to describe the bad guy and he said "he was like a warrior...a scary bad one. I don't know if I can explain it.  He was coming to get me...but while I was so scared and praying for this guy not to get me and hurt me...I saw angels. Actually...that's not true.  I smelled fire.  I quickly looked out my window and then I knew why I smelled fire. There were angels...lots of them...with big, big flames of torches.  These know how sometimes we think they just look like people but they are angels sent on a mission...? Well these did NOT look like that. They were men...with wings and they glowed.  They totally stopped this bad guy from getting me and I told them "thank you" out my window. One of the angels said "We are here to protect you".   It was amazing.  Don't you think...?"

Well here I 10:48pm blogging about it...and crying.  I could hardly get through this post.

I love you Zunduka. You are so very safe, my boy.


  1. It makes me think of how I've been noticing in God's Word, about His steadfast love. I'm finding it everywhere. It's what Zunduka also knows and can rest on with God and with his wonderful family. Thank you so much for giving him that!
    I heard today of a school trip of some kids to an orphange in another country, where they experienced a robbery, and a shooting. There are councelors in place for any needing that. Yes, it must have been trumatic! On the other hand, how little we often know and experience of what some live (or die) in daily.

  2. Oh to be able to have the faith like a child. He will always know now, more than ever that HIS God really does protect him...:)