Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fun date.

This afternoon I took the 6 older kids on a date. It was fun and oh so cute.  I had them all close their eyes as we walked into their "surprise". It was the pottery studio. They were SO excited.

A few of them chose a mug, 2 a plate and one an animal.

Love how individual they all are.  These pieces are the best. Can't wait to see them next week.

 I love these 6 children. On the way home, Chazano said "Mommy I know I say this SO MUCH but I am SO glad you adopted me. I love that you are my mommy and I love that because you are my mommy...I know Jesus".  Ahhh...yes Chazano.

When we left, Izrael and Zihao were reading books with their darling Piggy and Bear ;)

Chazano putting great thought into his piece


Then it all ended with  Dairy Queen :)

Mama and Nazara today after church

A little Nazara Journey sunshine to end the post. 

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  1. How fun! We went on Saturday. Great minds must think alike :) Although we did not do DQ..Lucky kiddos :0)