Friday, February 14, 2014

I believe in Love.

Valentine's Day.

Of course it's "just another day on the calendar".

However...I refuse to let life become mundane.

I hear constantly how couples don't celebrate Valentine's Day anymore since they have children. Actually...I often hear how couples no longer 'date' since having children.

Our life...may surprise you.

Yes we have an extremely busy life.  We have 10 young children, our oldest is 10y, 1 has significant special needs. We are going from sun up to sun down.

And...we date.


More often than when we had 1 child.

We believe it's more important than ever when you have children.

Those beautiful, wonderful, adorable little people have a way of becoming number 1.  And the marriage ... before you know really more about co-parenting than marriage.

That ... terrifies me.

Life goes so fast.  So fast.  And the thought of someday in the near future sitting down on the couch with a huge sigh as the last child has gone out the door...and looking at my husband wondering who he is...and what we have between us...terrifies me.

I believe in cultivating that now.

We date and we celebrate at every chance we get.  Definitely 2/14.


Why not.

If nothing else, it's a great excuse to do something special and show love.

On February 8, before bed, Dean handed me an envelope.  It was gift card envelope. When I opened it, it said simply "to you, from me. I love you".  It was to my favorite store.

I loved the look he gave me. Completely pleased that I was baffled with the reason for a gift on February 8.

February 9, before bed...Dean handed me a gift bag.  I opened it to see an adorable pair of sweat pants...that I love.  As I thanked him and hugged him...he had that same smirk on his face...and definitely a sparkle.

February I got into bed he was smiling. "Look under your pillow" he said.  I find an envelope. With a gift card to another store.

It took me 3 days to clue in that he was going to give me a gift each day up until Valentine's Day.

For me the gift's not even close to the first thing I think of.  For me it's all about the fact that he thought of me...took the time to go to the store...looked for something...and gave it to me.  In fact, the gift card that was placed under my pillow didn't state a value and I didn't even think of it until 3 days later. It wasn't about the value. It was so much more.

February 11...I was given another gift..a shirt. That I love.  With a saying on it...that as Dean said "is so you".

February 12...I was given another of my favorites. A handmade card all colored and shaped like a heart.  The fact that he had to look up how to make this...was beautiful.

February 13...I was given a gift...a case for my iPhone. Not one that he would ever use. No, this was very much chosen for me. It was perfectly chosen for me.  It's hot pink and covered in rhinestones.  I love it.

When he gave me this gift, the children were there. Tirzah said "you really love each other, don't you...?" :)

I believe in love. I believe in the work it takes to make it work. I believe in celebrating it...often.

Happy Valentine's Day.

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