Friday, April 18, 2014

Meet our newest family member...


Mr. März Walker!

Isn't he beautiful? He's 18 years old. Arabian. And simply the most gorgeous horse I've ever seen. The story behind Marz is equally as beautiful. 

Azlan's speech therapist is giving us Marz.

Yes his name was Marz. With a "z".  No our therapist did not know Azlan has 9 siblings with a "z" in their name.  Yes...this is really cool.

Marz is so amazing he's been used in the Pegasus program for children with special needs as a horse therapy. That's...amazing.

The story doesn't stop there. There was a "...but" to this amazing gift.  Marz was diagnosed with a problem in his foot.  And that scared off a few others who loved him.  Our therapist called us the other day to say that when she called Pegasus to talk about his medical records they have no idea what she was referring to with this bone concern. They have no record of this and now we are all left spinning our heads. Did she dream it? We have no idea...but we do know God wants him in our family!  

Where is Marz going to live...? The story keeps getting more and more amazing.  Our lovely friends who give Tirzah lessons will be keeping Marz there in their stable until our place is built and ready for him.

He comes Wednesday to us and we cannot wait!

When we visited Marz, Dean got this cute shot of Nazara showing her fun personality with Mommy :)

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  1. Hoping all is well with your beautiful family... :)