Monday, April 7, 2014

Taizi update.

So he's been on antibiotics for a few days. I spoke to the plastic surgery department from Children's today and they said the plan was to watch it for a few days, discuss the culture of his infection and then decide if they want to go back into surgery to clean out the wound and re-suture.

Tonight as we were getting him dressed for bed, we took his shirt off and then saw lots of blood on his arm. Quickly looked at his ear to see that removing his shirt had popped the large bubble on his ear and it was gaping open and everything was coming out.  Not going to lie....yuck. I mean...lots of pus. It was huge.

We got him dressed to head back into the ER.

Dean took him and we were surprised to hear the plan. First of all they said they are no longer equipped to do any speciality pediatric surgeries locally.  Really...? And b/c he is a cardiac patient...definitely not. So all surgery would have to be done back in Seattle.

Next they said they definitely don't want to suture up where there is active infection. That leaving it open and draining is a good thing.  This wide scar won't be a big deal on his ear they said.  They also defended the weekend ER visit by stating that the complication of nerves near the ear would take several injections to numb the area...which would take longer and much more painful than just pushing on the area itself. That helped us understand why he wasn't given any pain relief.

The ER doctor told Dean "you absolutely made my night" when Dean showed him a family picture :)

So tonight he's home, in his bed, exhausted, on lots of pain med and antibiotics.  We never expected this huge swollen bulge to pop through his stitches...but it could be a good thing in the end.


  1. Thank you for the update. I will pray for your sweet boy, Taizi. Bless his sweet heart... and yours and Dean's, too. :( While the current pain he is in with his ear and mouth surgery breaks my heart, however it breaks it even more to think about him had he remained in his home country. What a life you have given this little boy - along with all of his other brothers and sisters - and what a life our loving Savior has given you and your husband. Beautiful. Hugs and prayers from Tennessee!!

  2. That must’ve been a traumatic night for all of you. Particularly for Taizi, because of the pain he had to endure. It was a good thing that you were able to rush him to the hospital, and he was able to receive the proper medication to ease the pain. Anyway, have you talked to the plastic surgery department again? I hope they already found the right procedure, so he won't have to experience that kind of pain again. Take care!

    Michelle Anderson @ Dr. Davis Nguyen