Thursday, May 29, 2014

1.5 years.

So...I'll back up.

The moment Taizi was handed to me in China, I looked at Dean and said "woah...he smells like infection".  I'm still not sure how I knew what infection smelled like...but obviously I did.

We took him back to the hotel and first thing we did was bathe him.  With oils. Strong oils.  Then we took him out of the bath and brushed his teeth. Surely that would take care of the smell.

Not even close.

It's been a bit of a private battle but a serious one.

When he would freak out (which was so very often, especially in the beginning)...and he would was completely off the charts.

In fact...if you touched him (which we did...) and got the odor on your hands (which we did...) we would scrub and scrub and scrub our hands to get it off.

I was pregnant with Nazara and my sensitivity to smells ... is really bad when pregnant. So this was lots :(

Well I've fought this for 1.5 years. We have done blood tests and every kind of scan looking for hormonal deficiencies...

and found nothing.

Finally I asked my doctor to hold him and smell him.

She looked at me and said "oh Janice...he smells like INFECTION".

Ok but he had no fever, no illness. What could it be...?

Well...that little tract on his ear that was tiny and oozed pus from the very beginning was the only thing that was infected.

So we did the surgery and removed it.

It got reinfected...and the

It was surgically cleaned out and removed for good. And it is gone. I's gone. I could cry.  Cry b/c the smell is finally gone. And I could cry b/c I (barely) endured it for 1.5 years. YEARS.  :( It was so unbearable at times. His room would smell so bad. His blankets.  Dean's shirt (from holding him).  My hands.'s been so difficult.  Because it smelled so bad and so very strong.

A few days ago Taizi freaked out about something.  He was sweating and just really worked up. I boldly put my head close and smelled him. And...he smelled like his shampoo from his latest bath.  And I almost cried.

Such a small thing. But such a big thing.

A tiny tiny tiny little oozing sore. And it changed the smell of every sweat drop out of his body.

SO thankful for my doctor that loves our family and didn't give up on my seemingly silly please please please help me with this odor.


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  1. Oh my gosh! That's HUGE!!!! What an answer to prayer! :)