Thursday, May 29, 2014

5 years.

This world has been graced with five years of this little boy.  

Mr. Zihao.  Named Zhong Hua shortly after birth when he was found in a small shoe box.  

Oh my boy.

He's loved. When he's lovable and when he's not.  

He adores his siblings.  And they adore him.

His best friend is definitely Izrael.  He's 2 years older but they are total peers.

We celebrated little Zihao this week.

On Izrael's birthday we bought Zihao a few gifts since they are so close.  So we did the same for his birthday. They were so cute :)

His siblings got him a pillow pet :)

Teaching the gift of giving even on your birthday...he gave Izrael a wagon of blocks :)


His gift from Auntie Joss 

Happy day Zihao!!

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