Monday, June 23, 2014

The family that...shovels 'crap' together....

...stays together!

Ok.  Hope you aren't offended by my choice word.

Early this morning, we were all out in Marz' stall shoveling horse poop.

We have never heard one complaint about it from anyone, in fact they all wish they had boots so we could all do it every time together.

This morning it was Dean, Tirzah, Zion and I.  We always make jokes as we are doing it.  Dean telling me I've never looked more beautiful than when I'm shoveling poop. Just awesome. :)

But this morning...I laughed and said "wait...the family that shovels crap together...stays together...!" and Dean quickly looked up at me and said "woah...that's perfect!"

We know of so many. Too many. Far too many...families now separated or going through a divorce.  (By the is a 'many' number but if it was ONE family we would be far too many...).  Heart breaking stories of betrayal. Loss of loyalty.  Pain. Abuse. You name it...people are hurting from it.

And the metaphor is very applicable.   If these families "shoveled crap together"...the ending would look different than it does.  If they together...put their work gloves on...grabbed a shovel...went out to where the flies were...put their shoulders back...let the sweat drip down their face...and shoveled the stinky stuff out of their homes...their marriages...their private lives...out.

I've been thinking about it all day.

What if there's really something to that....?

Get your gloves out...put your boots on!

This is worth working for!

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  1. Oh! So very well said!! I love your attitude!