Friday, July 25, 2014


 Our summer.  Fun. Family. And the first year we've had Dean home full time. These were usually those long, hot days when he came home tired and exhausted.  We worked hard for this...and it's been worth every effort.  Raising our children together...full time.  Ahh. Love.  And the fact that we get to help so many other people do the

We have been traveling to speech therapy again and making family memories while we do it. Today we packed a picnic lunch and found a fun park by a little brook. With 10 little kids that LOVE was a hit.

Izrael and sweet Nazara hanging close to Mommy

This "huge...GIANT...crayfish" kept appearing ... and disappearing. stayed visible when I went to see it ;)

 Oh Izrael Promise. The baby that was such a miracle and then...adding to her miraculous story...she survived having a penny stuck in her esophagus for 6-7 months. Oh baby are lovely.  She comes close to me many times a day and says "Mommy...? You are my FAVORITE".  Zihao has caught on to her and finally called her on it. "You can't have that many favorites. Just one. You tell everyone they are your favorite!" She just smiled ;)  Well, baby are my favorite too.  And yes...Zihao...I know...I say that to you all ;)


Zion adores Nazara (who doesn't...?) and was playing with her at basketball. So cute.

Crazy little girls snuggling with Mommy

And then there's this.  This picture that captures a bit of the life they all exude. They are simply wonderful. Tirzah adoring her baby sister. Zion actually wanted to hold Nazara. Zunduka with his legs crossed  because that's just him.  Chazano smiling with his teeth visible ... which he never does. Azlan looking more and more little a mini-Dean especially now with his new glasses. Azahria Peace as cute as ever. Then the inseparable Izrael and Zihao...and Taizi. Who after 22 quick pictures is actually looking in the direction of the camera.  Yes...we celebrate all those little moments here.

Blessed. Truly blessed.  I only wish you could hear their joy...experience the life they viewing their pictures.