Saturday, July 5, 2014


Last Monday, after coming home with Azlan from his dental surgery...I got him settled and sat down on the chair with my computer. When Facebook pulled up...I felt the blood drain from my face.  I could not believe what I was seeing.

My sweet, beautiful friend Jenny had gone to be with Jesus.

I got up from the chair, could hardly get the words out to Dean, and ran to the bathroom. I collapsed in gut wrenching sobs.

No. No...please no.  Not Jenny.

Yes this is Jenny.  And her husband Brad.  I knew Jenny's sister from years ago and was connected to her through her sister.  I still remember calling her years ago when God had laid Africa on our hearts. We called her before we called anyone.  I just wanted to hear her story.  What I heard was amazing.  She spoke about how God called her and Brad to Liberia, Africa.  I listened to every word.  I'll never forget when she asked me if the adoption was only $4000 if I'd have that money. I hesitated and said "well no..." she followed up with "so if it was $4000 or $40, need God to show up.  The greater the need...the greater the miracle".

That conversation with Jenny changed everything for me.  She breathed life into this weak little faith I had.  She encouraged me in that phone call to live faith without borders. All in. it.  She 'got' life.  She really did. She 'got' faith.  Her faith was bigger to her than what she could see.  In just a few moments of speaking with understood that this was her reality.  And she definitely 'got' love.  

She inspired me every few days with her love for her husband.  Their unashamed public comments of affection to each other was a breath of fresh air.  

One of her most recent notes to me was this:

"I was reading Psalm 94 this morning and verse 9 arrested my attention and made me intercede for your little guy:

Does he who implanted the ear not hear?  Does he who formed the eye not see?  

I LOVE the miracles God is doing in your family Janice.  I am so proud of you all and share the Holy Spirit's enthusiasm for you all!"

She was an encourager. She made time for people.  Jenny 'got' life. 

One of my life's super heroes...the lovely gone from this life.  

Super hero...not super human.  

I believe there is much freedom in Jenny's story.  

Someday perhaps my heart can share more.

Jenny's family.

Yes. 15 of the most beautiful children you have ever seen.  8 adopted from Africa. Some of them have medical needs that are pretty intense.  Please friends...please...pray for this beautiful family.  

My heart feels like it has shattered into many pieces this week.

Jenny's story lives on.  She lives on.  And her story is still unfolding here on earth with this beautiful family each day.

This link will allow you to donate where 100% of the money goes directly to the Groothius family.  

You don't have much? Don't give much.  Sacrifice a coffee to give to these precious children.  We can all do that. Please pray. Please give.


  1. Thank you for sharing this, Janice. I found her blog after you posted of her passing and she is so inspiring. I love how she loves Jesus, her husband, family, and others in such a big way. I love how God used her words to help you take the leap of faith to adopt and how she continued to encourage you. In fact, from what I have read, I see so much of how she lived her life in how you are living yours. Her physical death delivered her into the Promised Land of God's presence . . . such an amazing picture of God's salvation . . . yet its so hard for those left behind. We are praying. I shared her story with Ori and he was so sweet and compassionate and prayed for her children. Love and hugs to you as you grieve her loss. So hard.

  2. She was simply lovely. And so are you my sweet Julie. I miss you.

  3. So sorry for the loss of your friend and wonderful human being! She sounded lovely inside and out....she will be missed I am sure by many...

  4. Hello Janice,
    I am new to your blog... I found it as I was doing a search to read more about your sweet friend, Jenny. Ironically, I'd forgotten I'd read several entries from her blog back in 2012. I'd commented once and then, sadly, did not remember again until I heard from another blogger that she'd passed. My heart aches for her family, loved ones and friends! And strangely enough, though I did not know her personally, her death has impacted me. I am so grateful she knew Jesus and I hope one day I can meet her and thank her because her writing lifted me out of a dark place the night I found her blog. I'll be reading your blog if that's okay? Your writing is beautiful as is your family! And you remind me of your friend,Jenny due to your faith, love for family,sweet spirit and writing style! Plus, you also love the ocean as I do, lol! I live in Maine and the sound of the ocean surf has got to be one of my favorite sounds! Wish I could fall asleep to that sound every night!

  5. Lori thank you for your sweet comment. And away. Jenny was amazing and touched so many of us.
    Oh...the ocean. My heart beats stronger at the ocean.