Sunday, September 7, 2014

It's not a dead end.


After a wonderful day with our children at the water park, we came home and fed them, bathed them, put them to bed.  We were tired. We decided to see if there were any movies that caught our eye.  We are really picky.

The one Dean looked up...wasn't on Netflix but it suggested a list of movies.

The first one that came up...I read the description and said "yes. That's it".

We sat down to watch it.  It had me from the first 5 seconds.

I won't tell you the story line...because I want you to watch it.

Remember we are really picky when it comes to movies.  Really picky. No comedy.  No sexual scenes.  It pretty much has to rivet us to the core and make us grateful...make us think deeper...make us love more pure.  It has to do something.  Change us.

So...yah...we don't end up watching a lot of movies.  But when we do...they are war movies...or true stories...or something just...deeper.

Tonight it was this movie.

When it ended, I said this "there has simply never...ever...been a movie to impact me so deeply.  Ever."

I got up and went to the bathroom...leaned onto the wall...and cried.  Cried the tears that came from somewhere so deep inside...I think I had convinced myself to forget about them.

The one line:  "It's not a dead end...if it takes you where you needed to go."

The deepest pain in my life...has taken me somewhere I needed to go.  And that...that is why I cried.  Real...deep...from the gut...sobs.  He makes beauty from ashes.  Each pain...each deep wound...each cry from the depths of my being that screamed "where are You, God?"...each one...was not pointless. Was not a dead end.

It took me here.  Today is the result of what I thought were wasted years. Horrible pain.  Wounds that seemed they would never scab over.

Wherever you are.  Whatever it is.  It's not a dead end.

I know...I know what you are thinking.  I have ... been...there.  There...where it's easier to blot that time of my life completely out of memory.  That...there.  I'm sure my 'there' is different than yours. We all have our own stories.  We all have pain.  We all have wounds.

It wasn't a dead end.  It wasn't wasted.

It took me where I needed to go.

Yours will too.

We can all have hope.

Please...please watch it.  It's free on Netflix.

Come talk to me after you do.


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  1. Watched this with Evan about 2 weeks ago... what a message.