Friday, September 19, 2014

One Amazing Update.

Azlan is now 3 days post op...and is off all medication and 100% pain free.  He never had pain at all. It just never came.  The surgeon said "that would be highly highly unusual as he had a LOT of bone removed from his hip".  Well...we had a LOT...a LOT of people praying for no pain for Azlan...

The only pain he's had at all is more of a weakness. discomfort when he walks. He limps quite extremely which is totally expected.  We carry him up and down stairs and anything further than a few steps.

His personality is subdued.  Sweet. Subdued. Definitely not sad.

He asked to sleep beside me last night saying our bed "is comfier" ;) It worked. He slept beside me all night long and every time I opened my eyes... I stared.

Today he got a very special box in the mail from a very special friend of mine that Azlan has never met. She sent a box with daily envelopes and gifts starting with a youtube video her and her children made for him.  It's called Operation Smiles for Azlan. Seriously. Totally amazing.

Here's a few pictures of him opening his first envelopes. One piece of the puzzle went missing but it was still adorable!!

Then $10 with instructions to go on a milkshake date with Mommy!

A picture of him laying down showing the incision on his hip. The cut is much higher than where they took the bone from, we were told.

Thank you for praying for Azlan.  We shouldn't be in shock that he has indeed had no pain.  Because...God works like that. He loves showing how amazing He is and having everyone spin their heads!

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  1. Praising God that Azlan has had no pain! That is quite the cut in his hip! Azlan seems like such a sweet spirit and wise beyond his years. I believe God has a great plan for his life and am so blessed to have found your blog and get to read along! Hugs and prayers, Lori