Wednesday, September 24, 2014


We spoke to the surgeon today.

She first suggested we keep our appt for Friday but this smell is almost unbearable. We don't know how we'll make it in the car with's that bad.  That...bad.

Finally she really listened and said "I had a patient once...just once...that had this same issue. When they finally came into the office, it smelled like a dead body in the room. It was that bad. I didn't know how the family handled it until that point."

I asked more about that child and she said "yes it was all dead, they had to do surgery, scoop everything out and redo the entire surgery a few months later when his mouth healed".

She then spoke to our surgeon and we are still shocked but his idea was to "bring a qtip and take any dead bone out in the office on Friday".  I may have accepted this craziness but Dean...did not.  He said "this surgery failed. This is crazy that we would wait back in line with clear total decay happening in his mouth with the risk of infection. Not ok"

A qtip in the office? What is he thinking? I'm shocked he said this after seeing the photos!

The doctor on the phone, since she did have a patient once in the same situation...said "I know..I know it's bad what you are dealing with. I'll see what I can do".

She called me back later and said "yes he wants to go ahead with the qtip in the office plan Friday".

I paused and said "do we have any other options because we aren't ok with this plan". She paused and said "absolutely, I already have a surgeon booked for you Friday afternoon in Seattle to clean it all out. I had a feeling you weren't going to go for that plan and I already had it set up."  THANK YOU!!

Then the office called me and said "the surgeon that will be doing this surgery said he cleared his schedule tomorrow for you to come b/c he doesn't think it's right for you to wait another day based on the photos and description of smell."

Thank you!!

So we leave in the morning for Seattle for an afternoon surgery to clean it out. We have no idea at this point if it all has to come out or not.  If you want to know my gut...everything will come out.  There is no way this smell is from one small piece of decay. No...way.

Also the fact that the gums came wide open.  The doctor on the phone said that definitely indicates a problem b/c skin has problems healing over decay.

There is no infection right now.  I know we had that concern but this isn't infection. It's simply bone that did not take...and is his mouth. (However they have said there's clearly a risk of infection with dying bone in his mouth so he is on antibiotics)

I promise are not jealous of a 4 hour car ride with this smell. My poor boy.

We had a good talk this morning and I sat all the children down to tell them.  They were so sad and Zion had big tears in his eyes.  Azlan was blinking them back and bit and then said "Ok mommy...let's do it".


That resolve.

Let's do it my boy. I'm with you.

Doesn't mean it's not painfully heart wrenching.  Doesn't mean that at all.

But we will do it without complaint and still thank God for the miracle of no pain.

Please pray for Azlan.


  1. Wonderful answer to prayer. Trust God will continue to grant strength and grace to you all. Marcus and Alison

  2. God has His servants everywhere. Love to you all.

  3. All I can say is that God must be building your Azlan for something big!! What an amazing attitude he has. Will be praying for you all tomorrow.

  4. Dave & Ruth WoodSeptember 24, 2014 at 9:12 PM

    Our heart & our prayers go with all of you

  5. Praying right now.