Thursday, January 22, 2015

Seeing the beauty in the crazy.

Dean and I were talking last night and saying how we can't imagine Izrael's life without Zihao in it.

She was 18m old when we brought her to China with us to adopt her new brother.  He was 3.5y.  He spoke no English. He was afraid (rightly so...he had just left everything he had ever known). Even then...they had a language that required no words.  They laughed. They played.  They bonded.

In the was just busy.  We had 9 children age 9 and under. Three with special needs. Doctor appointments, therapies, attachment issues...and everyone finding their new normal.

So easy to miss the beauty in the middle of the crazy.

But it was there.  Always.

Walking across the street and seeing Azlan go back and put his arm around Zihao asking how he was doing.

Izrael and Zihao bonding more each day.

Zihao learning what family really is.

Seeing Zihao's eyes filled with wonder at his new baby sister.

The inseparable bond he now has with Izrael.

Life is crazy. It always is.  Yours with one child.  Your friend's life with three children.  Mine with ten.

The beauty is always there...are we seeing it?

Today I took Izrael and Zihao to the pediatrician.  When we got in the elevator, Zihao looked at me and said " are beautiful."  I smiled and told him thank you. He looked at Izrael and said "Ray, you are too. You are very beautiful. I love your hair.".  She grinned.  "Sanks, Zee-ow.  I think you are handsome."  I may or may not have had watery eyes as I stood there smiling.  I leaned down and said "do you love each other?"  They both grinned. Zihao said "oh yes, she's my best friend."  Izrael said "yah. Me too."

I asked if she's his sister or his best friend. He stopped for a moment and said "No, Mommy...she's both!"

Don't wait for the crazy to pass.  See the beauty IN the crazy.

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