Sunday, February 22, 2015

Azlan's update.

Sorry this took so long. Honestly...I was waiting to give a full, accurate update.

It's now been 19 days post op.  And this journey could not contrast round 1 more!  

Last time with this surgery, in September, Azlan came home and looked great. No swelling at all. No pain at all. Perfect recovery. His stitches were falling out of his mouth at day 3 and 4.  The horrific smell started at day 3. Worsened daily. His mouth looked awful.  It was just awful. We could SEE the bone in all the gums had disappeared.  By day 9, it was all removed due to a serious infection.

This time was so different. Lots of pain. Extreme swelling. He was swollen all the way up to his eyebrow!  Crazy.  I called the hospital many times and each time they were a little baffled but hopeful.

We finally got an explanation for the swelling. That with all the scar tissue the dissection would have been very traumatic on the body.  Thus the swelling. his eyebrow?

He got worse by the day. I was tracking it by photos as we went.  This is day 4 post op.

Day 5 was a whole new day. The swelling went down and we were so relieved!

Day 6.

He had pretty intense pain this time and that was really sad. With his extremely high pain tolerance...we have never ever heard him have a "10" in pain.  But he woke us a few nights in a row (sleeping in our room) barely breathing saying "it's a 10, help me...please help me" :( 

Most of his pain was in his hip where about an ice cream scoop worth of bone was removed.  He definitely could feel where the bulk of the grafting went, tight up under his nose.

Interestedly day 19 post op his mouth is still FULL of stitches.  Hmmm.  You would think it would have been a huge red flag that at day 3post op last time stitches were falling out in clumps!  

He is off all antibiotics and all pain meds. The doctor said he's definitely out of the scary infection zone period and now we wait for the grafting to take place.  Crazy that the new bone won't show up on X-ray until about 6 weeks post op! Until then we don't know what really happened.  However, things look amazing.  His mouth looks amazing and we are so thankful.

Thank you for praying for our boy.  The story of Azlan Honor is really just at its beginning.  Little did we know when we named him...the honor would be ours to walk this journey with our boy. 

Here he is on Valentine's Day.  

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  1. Azlan is looking so well! What a handsome brave young man!