Thursday, March 5, 2015

My favorite part of the day.

Is bedtime. Not because everyone is going to bed. because we all sit around in the living room and pray.

And almost every time...Dean and I open our eyes and smile at each other from across the room.

Here's what it was tonight.

I prayed then Izrael. Who had to be prompted because she got really shy. But she thanked God for Mommy and Zihao.

Azahria prayed for Miss Kara ( that she would feel better and that her kids wouldn't be sad.

Azlan thanked God for our family that we all love each other.

Zihao had to be prompted but was totally near tears by the end. I think he was really tired.

Chazano thanked God for Jesus. That we know Him and love Him.  Then he emphasized his thankfulness for our family.  All his brothers and sisters and his mom and dad that love him so much (yes I opened my eyes here and Dean and I exchange a look that says it all.  Oh how far we have come with our Chazano boy).

Zunduka loves to pray. He loves Jesus. He loves everything about the Bible. He just loves God.  That boy is one of a kind and I'm so glad he's ours.  Mine.  He thanked God for taking care of us, loving us and for Mommy and Daddy's amazing business that allows us both to stay home with the family.

Tirzah prayed for Miss Kara and another friend going through a cancer scare.

Zion's was so cute.  He prayed that Mommy would be an amazing grandma to his children one day. Yes that one got my eyes wide open! ;)

And I love this part.  Because it's been a lot of work to get to this point.

And I wouldn't trade it for anything.

They all go to bed warm, loved, content, protected, safe and at peace.  And I watch them...with a full, very full heart.

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