Monday, March 23, 2015

She was waiting for her family.

I have heard so many stories that have given me goosebumps in the last week.  Since we announced our PA with "Poppy" many people have shared their story with me.  If you too have a story about Poppy, please share!

This is my friend, Kassandra.

Her and I connected through a mutual friend of ours. She's been a big prayer warrior in my life, especially with Azlan.  Her sweet daughter even sent Azlan a note and gift after his surgery went wrong in September.

This is what she wrote:

It has been a while since I've sent a personal message your way, but when I read your post on No Hands But Ours, I couldn't wait until I could message you.  I was SO overjoyed to read your post!  As soon as I read it, tears streaming down my face,  I ran to get Emmerson to let her read it as well.  I wish you could have seen her face--It shown like the sun!  
Our family is currently in the beginning stages of pursuing an international adoption ourselves for which we are extremely excited and burdened.  We are feeling led to adopt a little girl from Asia or South America. Our daughter is 10, almost 11, and we are feeling led to adopt a child no older than her.  That said, we've begun looking through the waiting children lists and came across Poppy's photo and just couldn't get over her.  Even though she was a little older than Emmerson God just wouldn't relive the tug on our hearts for her, so we began praying God would show us "why."  We prayed that God would relieve our hearts from the conviction of bringing home a child 10 or younger or that He would give us peace that He had other plans for Poppy.  With tons of prayer and a TON more tears, we continued praying for Poppy, but with the renewed conviction that God had someone else planned for Poppy's life--a different forever family.  We have prayed for her every single day since finding her photo & reading her story, and since believing God had another family out there for her, we've been praying for her new family as well. We had no idea when we started praying for her we were praying for your little girl!!!  Now we know "why" God burdened our hearts specifically for her and we are SO happy!!! Although we've never met her, we love that little girl so much, and are so excited to be able to "know" the family God hand picked to love her and take her home to make her part of their family.  We had complete peace, but were still sad He hadn't picked us, but are now over joyed and also thankful not only for both her and your family, but also for the additional blessing (to us a little miracle) of being able to watch her be loved by her family through your FB posts etc and to have a small part of helping her come home to you.  You'll all continue to be in our prayers.  We'd still love to meet you someday, but even until then, we remain your friends in Christ.  SO excited for you!

So many stories of people that felt very strongly called to pray for this sweet girl but either were denied adoption for some random reason or felt they were not her family.  Just makes you sit back and smile...watching God move in your life as you choose to just simply be willing.  

I've read through hundreds of comments from concerned families about Poppy. Wondering where her family was.  Why was she not spoken for...? And every time I would sit there either crying or with chills. Because in that moment I knew...we were her family.  God was moving people to pray and then He moved us.  Someone said "it all happened so quick!" and you are right. It did. But He made Himself that clear...we couldn't miss it. 


  1. Dear Janice, I am so VERY happy for you and your family--and especially for your beautiful Poppy! Your faith is an inspiration to me! AND, you brought a smile to my face at a time when my feelings are mixed--my heart aches for Kara Tippetts family and yet rejoices that she is pain free and with Jesus! She would absolutely LOVE it that just as she is now in her forever Home, soon your precious new daughter will be home forever as well! Isn't it strange though how I can feel a sense of loss and yet I've never even met this woman!
    I've not been here in several days so I had 2 or 3 posts to catch up on. What a wonderful blessing you and your precious family are--and I'm sure your friend Jenny Groothuis is smiling too!

    1. Thank you Lori! Yes, I too had such a mix of emotions when Kara died. I was slow to tell our children as they have prayed for Miss Kara every night. Their faces were so somber yet they knew she was in Heaven with Jesus. Thank you for praying us through this journey.

  2. Aww, that is so precious that your children prayed for her each night also! I can imagine it must have been difficult when you had to tell them the news of her passing but I'm glad they know she is with Jesus!
    As always, it's an honor to be praying for your family --and I will rejoice with you when you bring your newest little girl home!