Monday, April 13, 2015

Thank YOU!

Last week I did an adoption fundraiser. It was an auction and you guys...simply amaze me.  Everything was so generously donated and the numbers are still coming in.  So many of you didn't win anything ... but you donated anyway.  The most beautiful thing is watching people fully buy in to what it's all about. It's not about getting a's about bringing a precious girl to her family.

So many of you have chosen to be a part of her story. This sweet little girl...on the other side of the world...who has no idea the love that's waiting for her. This blessed to have YOU.  Yes her life.

Many of you may never meet her ... but you have chosen to be a part of her story.  A very...very...integral part of her story.

Every one of you that came and even gave $5...from our heart...thank you!  That $5 inspired others to give $5...and you started a movement.

Never ever be afraid to give a little.  Dean and I learned a long time ago...the power of 1.  And the power of 5.  And definitely 10.  Because if everyone gave 10...imagine.

I'll update the total when it's in but for now...thank you. Thank you for spreading the word. Thank you for loving ZhenAi.  Yes...YOU.

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