Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Oh how He loves...!

The mountain of paperwork on my desk.  The sticky notes all over stacks of it reminding me what is what and where it's going..and what I'm missing...and where I can find it...and what needs to be notarized...and what is just questions ... and...

And in the moment that I lean back in my chair and take a deep breath...I hear ... "Oh how He loves us...".  But instantly my mind switches 'us" to 'her'.  He loves her.  And us.  He loves us.

And yes we stepped out in ridiculous faith...and He meets us here.  Waiting here for us.

All the wonders and beautiful things He's showing us and we've only begun.  My mind cannot even comprehend a small little fundraiser raising now over $8600 in a few days.  It's like the Janice on the inside is full of peace.

When you know you are exactly where you were called.

We followed Him here.  We simply...followed Jesus here.  This is where He goes. To the broken. To the lonely. To the orphan.  To the hurting.  The needy.  The lost.  This is where He goes.  And He's calling us there.

Follow me.  The hardest leap was just opening our hearts and saying "yes".

Yes, Lord...there. I'll follow you there.

And oh...oh how He loves.  He loves us.

ZhenAi.  Treasured Love.  He loves you.

Each precious one in our family. Oh how He loves you.

You.  Your story.  He's calling you to just trust Him. He loves you.

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