Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Paperwork and more.

Paperwork and more paperwork.

This time I promised myself I'd be very organized. Who was I kidding?

Yesterday we had Dean's physical appointment.  Today we both have to go for bloodwork to show we are in good health to adopt.  Monday we have our social worker coming for 5 hours for our home study.

I'm still waiting on child abuse clearances from every place we've ever lived since we were both 18.

Dean has finished the ENORMOUS project of pages and pages and pages talking about his entire life starting from childhood.

Meanwhile we start on our house next week.  Yes, there is that much going on in our life.

Someone commented on the GOFUNDME site that she was so taken back that we would raise money to bring home another child instead of raising money to build our house.  That made me laugh. Then cry.


Honestly if you feel led to support us in building our house, go right ahead. :)  But really...? Rescuing a beautiful child and giving her a forever family to love and nurture her...seems trivial...? For that...I am sorry.  I am sorry for any and all that feel that way.  I would never think of asking for financial help to build our house.  We have worked hard to prepare for this day and building a new house.  Adopting another child wasn't in our plans.

And yet...all along she was definitely in God's plans. We can see His fingerprints all over this story and it's only begun.

The questions are frequent.

How do you feel about this all?

Are you excited?

Do you think #11 is the last one?

Just how many children will you have?

When will you ever stop?

How big will your house be?

What in the world do you drive?

You must have the patience of Job~!


I get it. I do. I see how this looks from the outside.  All I hope is that you take a moment to truly read our story.  See it for what it really is.

Since #7 was the last one...and number 9 was the last one...and definitely number 10...of course I think #11 is the last one :) We would be fools to not see God calling us where we are.  This is HIS story.

Our house will be plenty big. We don't drive a bus.  We drive a beautiful 15 passenger van.

Yes we love children. Yes we are kind of patient people. But just like you ... it's all a choice.  We choose every single day our attitudes.  Patience. Love.  Grace.


  1. :). that's all I have to say to that! oh, and my husband wants just enough kids to get me to the point I'll agree we need a 15 passenger van :) far we have 2..and one waiting in China so it's going to be a minute!

  2. I cant believe I think having a 4th or 5th or 6th seems like a lot to me! And I am one of 12 and so big families are the norm for me...but still God is asking us to adopt another so we are going for it...hopefully we are done at no more then 6 because I refuse to go bigger then a minivan! LOL Currently we have 2 bio older teens, 1 adopted 4 1/2 yr old girl, paperchasing for #4 and "considering" another boy....and contemplating."just" 1 more pregnancy and scarily I am high risk for twins due to age and family ya, lots to think about. Dont know how you do it with so many, but if you can do it.....go for it...its your it well!!! :-)