Friday, April 10, 2015

Really...really...exciting news!

We are starting on our house!  Ok I know. You were expecting adoption news ... which there won't be for a few weeks. But this is big news for all of us.

We have lived in our rental house now for one year.  The amazing news...? We made it! :) We aren't done yet but the end is in sight.

We met with the builder and we've been getting bids ever since! The well is scheduled to start on the 27th of this month!

I've been in the land of "in between" for a long time.  Our house is cute.  Clean. Nice neighborhood. It's just that it's...2100 square feet.  And ... we are twelve.  And...yah.  You know.

We have the garage turned into our office and school room.  I was on a business call a few days ago and jumped as I heard a mouse in the garage! Seriously! ahhh!

And...then I sat there dreaming.  Dreaming of our new house.

So thankful for this next step in our lives.