Tuesday, May 26, 2015

It's a BIG day here!!

Today we broke ground on our house.

And just to make it extra cute...you can see how excited we all are in our "breaking ground pose".  Yes. We really are THAT excited!!

Seriously...we did this. We all posed with this shovel. :)


Loved Chazano's! He laughed so hard after he did this :)

Azlan too!

Zihao thought we were all a little crazy!

Izrael was just plain cute!

Nazara lasted 10 seconds before she ran towards us :)

And Taizi didn't have shoes on so it was a very quick pose and he was done.  :)

In all seriousness...this is a big day. A very big day for our family.  We have stood on this land dozens of times and dreamt of this day...and it's here.  Cannot wait for us to live here...a little piece of Heaven.


Date night with this beauty. I've laughed so hard-the whole restaurant had to hear me. 😊. We talked about roller coasters, India (because she's sure she will be a missionary there someday), ZhenAi and all of her excitement about answered prayers for a sister her age, and her love of chocolate. I'm thankful for her. The child who first called me Mama.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Final well update!

Our well is done! 652' and while that may sound crazy and scary...God answered our prayers in a different way. Doesn't He usually...? :)

Only 20' of steel casing was needed, the rest is all pvc! Since it was solid bedrock the whole way down we saved a lot of money! Just as a comparison, the property way below us was 550' but 400' of steel casing!! The steel is 2.25x the price per foot...so we saved almost $15,000!!!

So thankful. Thank you for praying.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Well update :)

To those of you who prayed...here is a mini update.

We are at 485' of pure basalt! A huge answer to prayer. Our well driller says he's pretty confident we are out of the danger zone and should be total basalt all the way now! We should hit water Monday and hopefully it's soon!!

Why is this good news? Well, supposing all continues like this, we will only need 20' of steel casing and the rest will be PVC.  The steel casing is $25-35 a foot and the plastic is $10!! And that's an awful lot of feet!! So we are praying we save around $15,000 total but we should know very soon!

Now we pray it stays basalt and we hit great water in the 500's!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

New prayer request.

This one is unrelated to our adoption but very much related to our family.

We, as many of you know, are building our house. Step one is drilling our well.

So here's the story. Our land is up very high.  The neighbor (who is a tad lower than us) has a well at 750 feet.  Yes we knew this going in and we have budgeted that amount into the numbers...but that equates to about $45,000 for the well.

The man we chose to drill our well is a christian man and we really have trusted him from the get go (something we understand is pretty important with your well driller...since really they could hit water at any point and we wouldn't know).

We have prayed on our land and we have prayed much that God would bless us with a great well...that's not going to cost near that amount.

Water tables can be any depth on a hill.

 Both properties way below us are at 550 feet.

 So today they drilled to 265 feet.  Here's the prayer...while they have not hit water yet...they have been in solid basalt (versus clay) since 155'.

The prayer request is this:

#1. We hit water soon. Good water.

#2. We don't run into any more clay. If we stay in solid basalt we save a LOT of money b/c we don't have to use all the casing and instead just use PVC.  The casing is extremely expensive per linear foot.

Even the well driller wrote us tonight and said if we can stay in basalt all the way to water now...we will save a LOT of money.

Please...pray this is the case.

This means a lot to our family and something we have been praying about many times a day. Now I'm sharing it with you.

Thank you, friends.

Ok...just so you can see the power of prayer!

I'm sitting here with chills!

We were told we would not get updates for ZhenAi because her SWI just doesn't give updates and definitely not videos.

A few days ago I asked you to pray for a video...look what we just got!!!

They are tiny and poor quality but look at her! Walking so well!!

Thank you for praying. I hope this builds your faith...because it sure does mine.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Yes. Another date. With another beautiful son. :)

This time it was a date with my Zion boy.  Interestingly, it was attempt #2.  We tried a week plus ago but the moment the food arrived, he got very sick. His belly hurt and he sat cuddled into my crying until we packaged up our food to go.

Not knowing what it was, except that the moment we got home, he was fine...we assumed it was his excitement that got to him.

So we planned round two. As we were pulling up by the restaurant, he asked if we could go into a store first so he could "calm down".  Yes, this 9.5 year old boy of mine has such a tender heart.

So we did. And what a great little shopper he was! We window shopped and then went to the restaurant.  He left the table FOUR times to go to the bathroom to try to ease the tension in his stomach.  He kept saying "I'm so nervous/excited...I can't stand it!" :) Warning to his future date...if he really loves you...it may take a few attempts to get a real date!

He asked to sit beside me b/c "well...we are on a date and I want to be close to you!"  Of course!  So we did.  We sat in the same bench and he wanted to be on the inside. Yes, with 4 bathroom breaks and me having to get up each time, he was so cute. He kept apologizing for the inconvenience but begged me to stay beside him :)

We talked about China. ZhenAi. His siblings. And the things he loves.

When asked who he is closest to (not who he likes the best...we don't talk that way) he said "Tirzah. Because well...I've been with her an awful long time!" True story!

He held my hand the moment we stood up from the table and thanked me for his best date ever.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Update on video!

We got our update very fast!!

While we didn't get a video, they actually say we will. Our agency says..."unlikely".

Child: Guan Pei Qin
Date of Birth: 9/8/2003
Location: Kunming Social Welfare Institute

Orphanage said that this child can walk without a walker or wheelchair, she walks like a normal child, and there is no problem for her to walk up and down the stairs, she is currently living in a foster home which is far from the orphanage, that's why they can't provide us her video of her walking or doing something else now, but they said they would get her video as soon as possible.

Friday, May 1, 2015


The best money we spend...is dating our children.  And now we are stepping it up a notch. Dating them more frequently.

We do so much as a family, more than anyone else I know...simply b/c both Dean and I work from home. Everything we do is together as a family.

Dating is that individual one on one...when your child really comes alive.

Last week, Zion was blushing as he opened the door for me at Applebees and said "I can't stand it, I'm so excited for today!"

Last night it was me and Chazano. He dressed up and when we got out of the van he said "hey Mom, can you check out my collar...? Is it good?" :)

When I went to get the door he stepped up and grabbed it "Let me get that for you, Mom".  Learning all those great things from his Daddy. (they are watching).

When we got inside, this little boy was as proud as punch.  He was so excited to be there.

At one point, the waiter dropped something as he went by. Chazano popped up and said "Let me get that for you, sir". It was so cute.

We talked. We laughed. We didn't watch tv or look at phones.  It was a good, old fashioned date.

Chazano is the child you would think would least need regularly dates...but it couldn't be further from the truth.  He's outgoing, funny, witty and just fun to be around.  But his feelings are buried deep inside.  The first 15 minutes of our date, he sounded like he had a frog in his throat. His voice was strained with nervousness.

On the way home, I talked about Africa. His voice immediately changed. He stiffened. I pretended not to notice. I told him I can't wait til we can all go back and just see his home country. He said stiffly "I don't want to go back, I don't understand why we would". So I said "oh just for a visit b/c this is where you are from! And it's so beautiful there. Imagine showing us your mud hut etc" he said "yah...no. I don't want to go back." I responded lighthearted with "No worries, thought it would be a great trip, we don't have to go back" and I could see his shoulders relax.

Never take what you see at face value.  He has deep fears that haven't yet been addressed.

On the way home he looked over at me and said "mommy...? You are the best mom a boy could ever want". And it was straight from his heart.

I talked candidly about how they were the first adoption and we learned a lot of things the hard way.  He just smiled and said "yah, must have been hard for everyone" and I told him I love him with my whole heart and cannot imagine my life without him as my son.  He looked out the window and said "wow mom, thanks".  He got out of that van with a skip in his step.

As he did I kept thinking "speak life".  Last night...though it cost money and time...I breathed life into my child.  And it's some of the best spent money and time.