Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Yes. Another date. With another beautiful son. :)

This time it was a date with my Zion boy.  Interestingly, it was attempt #2.  We tried a week plus ago but the moment the food arrived, he got very sick. His belly hurt and he sat cuddled into my crying until we packaged up our food to go.

Not knowing what it was, except that the moment we got home, he was fine...we assumed it was his excitement that got to him.

So we planned round two. As we were pulling up by the restaurant, he asked if we could go into a store first so he could "calm down".  Yes, this 9.5 year old boy of mine has such a tender heart.

So we did. And what a great little shopper he was! We window shopped and then went to the restaurant.  He left the table FOUR times to go to the bathroom to try to ease the tension in his stomach.  He kept saying "I'm so nervous/excited...I can't stand it!" :) Warning to his future date...if he really loves may take a few attempts to get a real date!

He asked to sit beside me b/c "well...we are on a date and I want to be close to you!"  Of course!  So we did.  We sat in the same bench and he wanted to be on the inside. Yes, with 4 bathroom breaks and me having to get up each time, he was so cute. He kept apologizing for the inconvenience but begged me to stay beside him :)

We talked about China. ZhenAi. His siblings. And the things he loves.

When asked who he is closest to (not who he likes the best...we don't talk that way) he said "Tirzah. Because well...I've been with her an awful long time!" True story!

He held my hand the moment we stood up from the table and thanked me for his best date ever.

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