Tuesday, May 26, 2015

It's a BIG day here!!

Today we broke ground on our house.

And just to make it extra cute...you can see how excited we all are in our "breaking ground pose".  Yes. We really are THAT excited!!

Seriously...we did this. We all posed with this shovel. :)


Loved Chazano's! He laughed so hard after he did this :)

Azlan too!

Zihao thought we were all a little crazy!

Izrael was just plain cute!

Nazara lasted 10 seconds before she ran towards us :)

And Taizi didn't have shoes on so it was a very quick pose and he was done.  :)

In all seriousness...this is a big day. A very big day for our family.  We have stood on this land dozens of times and dreamt of this day...and it's here.  Cannot wait for us to live here...a little piece of Heaven.

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  1. How exciting!! His love is never-ending!!