Thursday, May 7, 2015

Ok...just so you can see the power of prayer!

I'm sitting here with chills!

We were told we would not get updates for ZhenAi because her SWI just doesn't give updates and definitely not videos.

A few days ago I asked you to pray for a video...look what we just got!!!

They are tiny and poor quality but look at her! Walking so well!!

Thank you for praying. I hope this builds your faith...because it sure does mine.


  1. Awesome!!
    Thanking Him for this gift! :) :)

  2. Oh, how beautiful she is... Janice, thank you for sharing. I prayed for this… my small Bible study group that meets every Wednesday morning has also prayed for a video of your girl to be shared. I can't wait to tell them… oh, His faithfulness. Love to your family from Memphis, TN. And thank you for sharing the "Walker Journey", which is led by the Shepherd. xx -Selena

    1. Oh Selena, I got teary reading that. Isn't He so very good? And I love how the agency is blown away. And really...everyone who has known about Poppy for years!! They have all tried to get a video of her b/c it would have helped her to find a family. Oh I love how His perfect plan works. XO