Monday, June 1, 2015

15 years.

So many say "how is that possible?"  Yes. It's possible.

Our story began 15 years ago. The 'Dean and Janice Walker story' began.  

And oh..what a rough beginning it was.

Young. Very young.  Moving across the country from everything I knew.  Shy. Quiet.  Insecure. was a rough beginning.

Three years in...we moved to WA state.  Running.  To start again.  

Pregnant with our first child.  I was a stay at home mom. Dean made minimum wage.

That was the beginning of our story in WA state.

A mess.  Broken. Broken hearted.  Broken financially.  Just broken.

4 years later.  Pregnant with our 4th child.  Dean was now the foreman of a construction company.  We took the plunge and went out on our own. Started our own construction company.  Had to sell our new house.  Move into an apartment to make ends meet.  

So many questions. So many dreams.  

A friend of mine offered me a lifeline.  Shy, quiet Janice.  I took it.  I saw it as a way to change our family's life.  

Here we are today.  In our 30's. Parents of soon to be 11 young children.  Full time stay at home parents, working part time around our kids, honored to help so many people change the game for their families.

To say we are blessed...would be a gross understatement.  To say we are grateful...seems so inadequate.  

So much pain. So much loss. So much heartache. So much beauty.  

God makes such beautiful things out of our mess.

To my husband...happy anniversary.  


  1. Happy Anniversary to a couple whom I don't *really* know, but *really* love. Thank you for sharing the 'Dean and Janice Walker Story'. :) And for sharing His story in your life. You're a rock star in my eyes. As we continually receive "nudges" to adopt, we are praying for faith, not fear. We're watching, listening, and trusting that His Will will be crystal clear. Your prayers as we walk the tight rope of "let's do it, we're fully convicted!!"… to... "it's so scary"… would be appreciated. We are trusting that we will hear Him when He shouts from the rooftops. Thank you, Janice, for sharing. Sincerely. You've blessed my husband and me. Our boys, esp our middle son, asks about Taizi from time-to-time. :) What an impact His work in your lives has made. Happy Anniversary to you two!! Love from Memphis, TN!!

    1. Selena, you bless me by your sweet comments and prayers for our family. I love to hear how God is working in your life and when you are ready to take that leap b/c you know it's Him calling you...I will walk this journey with you! XO

  2. Happy Anniversary to a wonderful couple with an inspiring faith! Though we've never met in person, I feel like I know you and your precious family through this blog. I'm so happy that you have broken ground on your new home and I know it will be filled with love!

    1. Thank you Lori! I love that you feel like you know us. I think we'd be fast friends in real life :)

    2. I think so too, Janice! What a blessing it will be to meet you all in heaven one day!