Monday, July 6, 2015

The darker the dark...the lighter the light.

I've shared Zunduka's story several times.  Quiet. Astute.  Serious. Book loving, Zunduka.

Looking at him you would never know the trauma of his past.

The marks on his chest evidence just a bit of his story.  Witch doctors.  Voodoo.


Zunduka was home for a few years before he truly experienced freedom.  His quiet nature kept him in a bubble, rarely sharing his pain.

The awful visits he received every single night as he lay in bed, too terrified to move.

"I had a horrible dream...but I was not asleep" he would say.  Never quite understanding what he meant...until it occurred in OUR room.  With us as witnesses.

Maybe it's 'night terrors'. 'Childhood fears'.

Demonic?  Well we prayed over him and his room just in case but "have a good sleep".


Until the darkness so tangible in our room that same night that they all begged to have a sleepover in Mommy and Daddy's room.  I could feel a heaviness. It was so dark.  I could hardly catch my breath.  I screamed when Zunduka screamed.  I've never done that before.  When a child screams, you comfort them.  But that scream was different and as long as I live...I will never ever forget that night.

I knew...beyond the shadow of a doubt when he screamed and pointed to the invisible object in front him...that he was seeing it.  I had never prayed so authoritatively. Demanding the darkness flee though the power of Jesus.

Though we prayed, read and played worship music I was unconvinced it was gone.  And then it happened again.  But when it was gone.  Truly gone.  The screams were so loud in our room that night yet not one of the other children stirred.  Interesting.

Fast forward to today.  He has never ever ever seen the "hand without a body attached" since that night.


The Zunduka of today is extraordinarily attached to the Bible.

Like...probably unlike any child or adult you have ever seen.

I have purchased every youth version I can get my hands on and he reads it cover to cover in less than a week. He's read the Action Bible the most and that's his favorite.  The Picture Bible and many others.

It's over 105 degrees outside, the children are playing with water guns and soccer balls...and Zunduka is sitting in the shade hanging on to every word of the Bible.

My parents were just here visiting and my Dad commented that this abnormal attachment to the Bible likely connected to the darkness he came from.  The hold and power that had on his life for so long...has given him a thirst for the Light.

We have watched every episode of The Bible, A.D and he has many times sat there wiping his eyes.  I know no other way to say it...than simply...Zunduka wholeheartedly loves his Savior.

My dad (an evangelist)'s comment has stayed on my mind for the last week.  And ... it's got me thinking.

Perhaps...the darker the dark...the lighter the light.  When you are in the light...the light is just...well...light.  But in the dark...the light is everything.  Your eyes can't move off that flicker of a flame. It's all you see.  It is, by contrast, so very light.

As a missionary's daughter...someone who accepted Christ very young, this is so amazing to witness.

The hope and peace found in this book.  Not just any book. This Living book.  It has the power to transform ever part of your being.  This book...the Bible.

Zunduka has found a light so bright...he has latched on like nothing I've ever witnessed.

Perhaps we truly comprehend light...once we have seen the darkness.  There's no doubt in my mind...the darker the dark...the lighter the light.


  1. Zunduka has surely come a long way! God has surely shown Himself faithful and I believe He has great things planned for that young man!
    I love the way you write about darkness and light. It makes so much sense to me. Holding on to the Light gives us hope that no matter how dark the night, light will always overcome and turn to morning.
    Janice, this is embarrassing to admit but I have never read the Bible in it's entirety. I am great at reading and the like, but I would get so discouraged by the language and who begat whom! I have the King James version of the Bible. Is there any you recommend that would be easier for me to get through and more fully understand? Thanks!
    Hope you are well. You are all in my prayers!

  2. Lori. You and I would be kindred spirits, I can tell. Your honesty is so refreshing. It's 'light'!

    I love the NIV. Just easy to read. I'll never enter a debate about it's's just easy to read. And what's stopping you from the ease. My kids all have NIV as well and we love it. XO

  3. Aw, ty Janice--sweet of you to say! I strive to be honest in all things...but it's funny, even my therapist has said that she has always appreciated my honesty and that "you say what most people only dare think!" I don't know about that lol, but I DO know that when I trust someone, when I sense Christ in them and therefore, safety and authenticity, it allows me to be equally open and vulnerable. And yes, I do believe we'd be kindred spirits!
    I will check out the NIV. It's strange because I have read through some difficult (and VERY dry I might add, lol!) college textbooks over the years, I LOVE reading and often find some real treasures in memoirs and non fiction works. I write poetry and have for years. My spelling and grammar have always been excellent but I find the Bible difficult because, as I mentioned, I can barely get through Genesis and all the who's related to who etc. Maybe that's not so important? Maybe it's the lessons learned, the stories told and I don't have to memorize everyone's descendants. Novel idea, LOL! Hugs my friend, Lori