Thursday, August 27, 2015


Because most of us are fighting a battle.

Usually a secret one.  No one knows.  But in the quiet of your heart, you do. And you are tired.

So.. very..tired.

If I were to ask you if you consider yourself courageous...I think it would be an instant, confidant response.

Perhaps a chuckle.  Coupled with an awkward shrug.

"Me...? Courageous?"

The word 'courage' almost confuses us.

We picture strong.  Like...really strong.

Brave.  Like...really brave.

What if courage is simply standing up...? When take a stand.  For truth.  For what you believe.  For what is right.

What if... courage is not laughing at that joke in the break room? Yah.  That's... hard.

What if...courage is simply facing another day?  In the midst of pain. Heartbreak. Betrayal.  Choosing to not give up.  When, in fact...that's all you think about.

What if... courage is watching someone you love go through cancer...and choosing hope? Choosing fight.  Choosing to even find joy...when it's very dark.

What if...courage is reminding yourself that tomorrow is new?  And with it...come God's new mercies.  And your's not over yet.

What if...courage is giving? Giving when your tank is so very dry.

Let's give you a do-over.   Now if I were to ask you..."Are you courageous?"  What would you say?

This design is simple.  But powerful.  So small. So insignificant.  Just quietly...swimming...upstream.

You see...courage doesn't always roar.

This was made...with you in mind.

These shirts are really high quality.  The crew neck is fitted, but a great length. If you don't want fitted, order up a size.  I find it very true to size.  S, M, L, XL.  Black, grey, bright pink, teal.

The youth shirts are adorable.  S, M, L, XL.  Please don't hesitate to email me with questions on sizing.  Also available in several colors.

Every dollar (apart from paying for the shirt and the cost to ship it to you) will go to bringing ZhenAi home.  See...she's courageous too.  She didn't choose the battle she's fighting...neither did you.

There is no set price.  Suggested donation would be $25 including shipping.  Any amount you give...please specify the color and size and quantity. Shirts will be mailed in a few weeks.

Simply paypal to and leave in the comment your choice. I will ship anywhere in the world.