Thursday, August 13, 2015

Mommy's Superpower.

I will often hear our children talking about their wonderful make believe things and many times...'superpowers' come up.  Tirzah will tell the young children that Mommy has a Superpower.  They all listen with rapt attention...eyes wide...what in the world could it be...?

Mommy's Superpower...? Helping people change their lives.

Overhearing your 11 year old child tell that to her 4 and 6 year old siblings...makes me tear up.

Many people would think that she's referring to our 5 amazing children we have adopted and no doubt, had a tremendous impact on their lives.

But she's talking about something else.

Seven years ago I started a business that I could do 100% around my family.  Nap time. Bed time.  Totally around my family.  That was the beginning of a life changing journey.

I matched Dean's income in less than a year.  While being a full time, stay at home, homeschooling mom of 4 little children.  As God called us to amazing things, around the world, bringing once-orphans home to our family...our business continued to grow.

Last year, there was such an amazing, unforgettable day.  Dean closed the doors of his construction business and he came home. For good.

Here we were. Ten little children, homeschooling, three with special needs....and both of us, full time, stay at home parents.

What a tremendous gift.

Tirzah's talk to her younger siblings reminds me that we have been given something super special and perhaps it's time for me to reach out to you, my loyal readers.  I often pray that God leads me to people... praying for what I so easily take for granted.

This is our life. But I realize that many dream of such a life.  Perhaps...they don't even dream. That was me.  I didn't dream of being a stay at home mom with a stay at home husband!! I dreamed of not having creditors call me around the clock. I dreamed of sleeping at night without reciting verses over and over about anxiety and fear as I truly struggled finding joy when we were up to our eyeballs in debt.  I dreamed of knowing we were going to be ok.

When God called us to a big life (literally!)...that big life takes a lot.  Emotionally. Physically.  Financially.  And He has given us this amazing opportunity to provide for our family at every level.

What I love the very helping others.  Giving hope to others. Perhaps it's you.  You often think "we are so close...just a little bit more each month and we could breathe easier." I can help.

Perhaps you have been goals, big plans for life and as it stands right's years off.  I can help.

Perhaps you know someone.  Maybe a single mom.  Maybe someone who's worked hard their whole life only to just lose their job.  Maybe someone who desperately wants to stay home with their children...but as it stands right now, cannot.  Maybe someone like my husband...dreamed of owning his own business, the American dream...but didn't plan on the economy crashing and spiraling us into debt.

According to my 11 year old girl...her mommy has a superpower.  She helps people change their lives. Moms come home with their children.  Debts paid off. Goals reached.  Time to spend with the people they love the most.

The gift I was the gift that keeps on giving.

What if...this post was for you?

My heart is helping people.  It's what I simply love.  Pass it on.


  1. Janice - I want more than anything to be able to stay at home with our adopted daughter, which isn't possible at the moment. Maybe this post is for me! I'd love to know how you did it and to be part of what God is blessing (instead of asking Him to bless what I'm doing....)
    ~Shawn Shreeves

    1. Shawn- email me so we can connect.

  2. Hi Dear Janice,
    I've missed you! I have had a few stressful and busy weeks so just now caught up on reading your last few posts. How are things going with home building? Hope you all are doing well!
    What is the business you speak of? Is it difficult? Several people close to me are going through financial stressors that I wish I could help with but given my own financial straits, that isn't possible for the most part!
    Last weekend, my niece and nephew were actually craving fruit as well as salad fixings. My sister had no money to buy any more groceries beyond what she had already bought so I went and bought them 30.00 worth of good healthy food. They were so happy and it blessed me to be able to help at least a little.
    If you think of it, please say a prayer for my mom Sandy. She is in a very unhappy marriage and divorce is likely. My mom is older and has not had much happiness for quite some time. Plus, as she ages, she is very dependent on me and my sister emotionally--me more so it seems. Change can be hard--especially at her age.
    Hugs, Lori