Friday, October 16, 2015

Chazano won!!

A young 11 year old boy did a grant for siblings to travel to China to adopt their new sibling. Each child had to answer a few questions UNASSISTED (yikes!! haha) and pay $10 to apply.

Well...Chazano won third place and won $300 towards his trip to China!!!

He's so excited.

Here's his application. It's so funny and SO CHAZANO, that I wanted to share it.

1.  My name is Chazano Walker.  I am a twin.  I was born in Africa.  My tummy mom died and my tummy dad never knew me.  My great aunt took care of me.  I was adopted when I was 5 years old.  Now I’m 11.  I remember seeing my new mom come in a airplane. I do remember giving her a hug. I did not know why she did that, I was very confused and little.  And so when my mom went home to America, I was thinking about her. When she came back to Africa, she adopted us and we went to an airplane and we came here to America.  I have 9 siblings.  At first I was very scared to meet this kids and they show me so much. I love this family and I think ZhenAi will like it too. I love sports.

2.  ZhenAi might be smaller than me. I hope she’s not scared of the dark. I hope we will be friends.  I can’t wait to see her soon. I’m really happy that she’ll be adopted by us. I always dreamed of having an adopted sister.  Sometimes I feel afraid but I know my Mom and Dad are with me. My twin brother loves book. I love sports. He’s getting glasses, I’m getting a new haircut.  So we are not alike at all. He’s skinnier and I’m a little tiny bit stronger. I like to run, he likes to read.  Sometimes I think what will we be when we grow up.  I hope we can still be close to all my brothers and sister when we are adults. 

3. I think it’s important to go to China. I will see a whole new world. There’s lots people there but I won’t be afraid. We will go to a hotel and I will see new people.  It’s important that I’m there for ZhenAi so I can give her a hug, but only if she’s not afraid of me. I will never ever forget that day that I get to meet my new sister. She may have some disabilities but I still love her.  

4.  I do laundry, clean the van lots and do lots of chores, clean the shoes and get money for doing those things. I try to help as much as I can. And will do lots more. I take good care of our baby too and even though she’s 2, I do that. The $500 will really help me go to see ZhenAi and will also help me go to in an airplane which I always wanted to do. To look out the window and see the sea. There is one thing I am afraid of! The dark. But it’s ok because my brothers and sisters are with me. So I think of me in Paradise! Sometimes there is someone in my way, it would just be my twin brother, he thinks I’m sleeping when I dream of Heaven so he tries to wake me! 

5. Did I already say I like to play sports? Yes. I do. I am kind of small but I sure jump high and I do big things. My arms are not that big but I do feel like my arms are just fine.  And well what I do is run fast. I am strong and I do run. And I do love to play sports.  I think about the future and every time I try not to be afraid. When I meet new people I try not to be scared instead of say “Hi I’m CHazano and its nice to meet you”. I like doing school and we are building a house. We are going to live n that house and I CANNOT WAIT. I can’t wait to see my new sister see this new house. I wonder if she will think its big or tiny. I remember being scared when I first met my new family so I understand how she feels. When she learned English I will help her understand that this family can change her life because they changed my life. They make me life. My brother Zion is taller than me but I kinda think I might be taller than him. He makes me laugh. Sometimes he makes me cry. Most of the time we play football. My brother Azlan was born with a cleft lip and he doesn’t hear well. When he’s sad I try to cheer him up. I don’t say rude things to him. When things are tough I try to always think there s hope. There is always hope. I’m never alone and I know there will be lots of things in the future but I try not to be scared. When things may seem tough I just feel like I’m alone but there’s no need because I’m never alone. I have so many great brothers and sisters that help me.  Voila. It’s just like that. We really get along great.  When people cry I know how they feel because I have seen my life change. I know I’m home here!!

Here is Zunduka's entry:

1.  My name is Zunduka Walker.  I am 11 years old.  I was adopted. I was born in Africa by the equator.  I was born August 29, 2004 with a twin brother.  We are not identical twins.  My tummy mommy, she got very sick and then she died.  We were just babies when she died. So our grandmother’s sister was taking care of us.  She was very old and so she couldn’t take care of us any longer.  My twin brother and me, we had a cousin that we didn’t really know was our cousin until later in our life. After that lady could not take care of us anymore, someone else took care of us for a little bit.  My forever dad’s sister is a nurse there in Africa and she helped take care of us for a bit.  I was adopted when I was 5.5 years old.  I didn’t really know that I was about to get adopted.  I remember when my Mom came to visit.  We went to a small airport and there was a small plane and my mom got off the plane. We said “hello” and got to know her. I don’t remember that I knew that she was going to adopt us.  She stayed with us for two weeks and then she went to her country, America, and then later she came back but I didn’t really know one thing about that. The last day or something we were going to our village but then we got some news that we needed to go somewhere so we didn’t get to go to our village.  When we were going on a airplane, our mom said “do you need to go to the bathroom yes or no?” but we didn’t understand so we just copied her and said “yes or no” because we didn’t know english yet. I like that story. It makes me laugh.  When I was in the airport and I saw my brothers and sisters, I didn’t really know what was going on. When we hugged I felt better! When we got home, we had a party. I thought it was our birthday but it was just a party to celebrate that we were with our family and that we would live with them until we grow up and get married and be adults. I really love my forever family. We a lot of time play football and sports. We go to Seattle to have doctor appointments for three of my brothers.  I really really love this family because they take care of me and love me. I love them back.  Our mom and dad they work from home so we can spend time with them a  lot.  We are building a house so mom and dad are working super hard so we can buy a new house that is on a hill with lots of place to play.  I’m really excited to go and live in our new house.   I love to read.  I love to read the Bible. So i can learn more about Jesus and I know that I am going to Heaven because I believe in Him.  I love Jesus because He is God’s Son.  And the world has so much sin and if we didn’t know Jesus we would live sinful lives and I don’t think I would have this amazing family if it wasn’t for Jesus. Jesus came to earth to be a baby and He grew up teaching people about God. Then He died on a cross and they put nails in His feet and thorns on His head. He died. Three days later he rose again and went back to Heaven. He did all that for us so we could be with God if we believe in Him. That’s why I love Jesus and that’s why I want to learn about Him.

2.  The child we are adopting lives in China.  I don’t really know much about the place she lives there but I know she lives in China. Her name is ZhenAi. She’s 12 years old.  She just turned 12 in September. And she like a problem with her arm and it doesn’t really work so she doesn’t use it that much.  She’s an orphan.  

3.  I think it’s really important that I go to China so that ZhenAi can know me and she will know that I’m a really great brother. She will know I’m a great brother that isn’t mean and won’t bully her ever.  I think it would be great to see her place where she was born too. When I was adopted I was scared and nervous to meet a new family and be adopted. When I learned that my family was really nice and was a good family that loves Jesus, it helped. If I go to China I can help her know we are good family that loves Jesus and we will take of her.  She won’t have to be afraid and nervous, I think I can help her with that.

4.  I am trying to raise money by doing chores and getting paid for them. I also try to watch my baby sister when my mom and dad need help. I also wash dishes and do laundry and I’m working really hard to think of other ways to raise money to go China.  The $500 will me almost buy my airplane ticket and I think I raise the rest of the money.  So $500 will really really help me go to China.  

5.  I go to a really great church that is really fun and I love my teacher and she is really nice and our family really gets to spend time together a lot.  I’m really thankful for my forever family and I’m thankful that my family gets to do so much together that maybe other families don’t get to. That’s sad.

Here is Zion's entry:

1. My name is Zion Courage Walker.  I am 10 years old.  I like to play sports.  I love babies!  I love my little sister, she is 2 years old.  I am going to have 5 sisters, I also have 5 brothers.  I love my family.  Our family loves Jesus Christ. I love to help my mom and dad clean. We are going to be moving to the mountain in Benton City, Wa.

2. The girl that we are adopting is ZhenAi.  She is from China.  She just turned 12 years old.  I think she’s going to be happy living where we are going to live. I think she’s so lucky because there are so many kids that are orphans, yet she gets to be in our family.  I think she will really like doing school with us too.  I think she will like lots of brothers and sisters. Our family will love her and I hope she will love us.

3.  I want to go to China and see her beautiful country. I want to be one of the first in our family to meet our new sister.  I would love to see her foster home and family because I want to know the people that took care of my sister.  I want to know she is ok.  It’s important that I’m there because it’s a big moment that I will remember for the rest of my life that I was there to meet her when she came into our family. I think I’m old enough that I will remember this for my whole life.  I want to make sure ZhenAi is not afraid and if she meets several of our family in China, I think she will be more comfortable.  I hope she’s comfortable meeting us. 

4.  I am babysitting my 2 year old sister to raise money to go to China. I do lots of laundry and chores that my Mom and Dad pay me for.  I am working very hard and saving most of my money and holding back on spending any money on other things because I really think I should be in China meeting her. Today I helped my Dad build a fence so I could earn money.  I am working hard in many ways and hoping I will have enough money to go! The $500 would help me because I really need the money to be able to afford to go.  I just don’t have very much money right now. If i had more money, I would share a lot with my new sister. I’m working so hard to go on this trip.  For every $20 I put in my bank account, my parents give me another $5 towards my trip.  If I get this $500 I will be so very happy. I won’t brag to others, I will be very kind about it and thankful.

5. I really love helping people. I love to organize things. I just turned 10 years old.  I was born July 9th.  I am so happy that I have a big family. I love my mom and dad and so do I love all my brothers and sisters. I play with them. I play sports with them, I sometimes even play tea parties to spend time with my sisters!  I love fishing as a 10 out of 10 on things that I love!!

Tirzah's entry:

1. My name is Tirzah Walker.  I am almost 12 years old.  I live in Washington state.  I am homeschooled with my brothers and sisters.  I have six brothers, four of them are adopted.   I also have three sisters.   I am the oldest of 10 children and I love them all very, very much! I love horses and have my own horse. His name is Marz.

2.  My new sister that we are adopting is 2 months older than me.  She just turned 12.  Her name is ZhenAi Poppy.  She has Cerebral Palsy and was found orphaned as a one year old baby.  I am really happy that she is close to my age.  She’s so pretty too.

3.  I would love to see ZhenAi in China.  I really need this money to meet her in China.  I want to be there when she first meets our mom and dad so she’s not afraid.  I cannot wait to be her sister and help her learn English.

4. I am raising money but working very hard babysitting my brothers and sisters.  I have earned over $400 so far to go towards my trip to China!  Plus, every time I earn $20, my mom and dad give me an extra $5 towards my trip!! This extra $500 would help me so much.

5.  I have been wanting a sister my age for so long, I never thought it will ever come true.  I prayed for this for a long time and I am so excited to meet her!

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