Friday, October 23, 2015


Big news this morning!!

We are now DTC today!! Meaning our Dossier (huge pile of paperwork) is TO CHINA!

All documents are authenticated and this pile is now on it's way to China! This is a big step!

What is next? In a week or so we wait to hear we are Logged In.  We call it LID or Log In Date.  Meaning it's now entered into the system and the countdown begins for a LOA (Letter of Approval).

We needed a LID of December 15th or we were going to be in trouble with ZhenAi's filed but we are now months ahead of schedule!  So we are doing great.

Our last Chinese adoption, our LOA wait was 77 days from LID. This time they seem to be running really fast.  We will see. We are told it's about 4-5months after LOA to travel.  Honestly, April would work really well for us.

We were just awarded a matching grant of $4000! So we are starting a big holiday Facebook auction on Monday to raise the funds. If you are friends with me on fb, you can be invited to the auction.  Feel free to add me. (Janice Procopio Walker) and send a little private note saying you follow my blog :)

We have just requested a photo update of ZhenAi, hopefully we get one.

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  1. Congrats on DTC!! I'm behind in my blog reading, so I apologize for the late kudos! My 18 yr old and I returned from China on Sept 23rd from our trip to bring home our families newest member- Piper, who is 5 yrs old, and since then we've been doing medical appts to prepare her for surgery. Your news is huge- getting that dossier on it's way is probably the biggest milestone in the whole process and such a relief once it's sent!! Your recent situation hits home with me- when we adopted our daughter Quinn back in 2011 from China, we were literally "moving" our whole house 7 miles to a new location and we were also doing the adoption paperwork, so I kinda know the juggling you are having to do. Blessings on a fast and problem-free trip to China for your daughter! Michelle