Monday, October 19, 2015

I did it, Mom!

Tirzah came skipping down the stairs last night...holding her bible with the embossed horse on the front cover. "I did it, Mom!" she was beaming.

We both knew what it meant.

This girl...just read the Bible cover to cover.

She looked at me and said "So...someone was wrong. They told me if I read 4 chapters every day I'd do it in a year. But...I started January 1...and it's only October 17th!! So I guess it's 3 chapters a day. Now I know!" :)

She hasn't missed.  No matter how tired she was. If Mommy and Daddy were out of town or not. When she was in Mexico with us. She read 4 chapters every day. One day I remember she read 8 b/c she didn't know if she'd be exhausted the next night from travelling late.

Oh the lessons we could learn.

I asked her a few questions.

Me: Why did you decide to read the whole Bible?
Tirzah: Well it was a good idea to read the Bible because I need to and I thought it would be great to read it in a year.  Even though a year is a long time.

Me: Why did you think it was a good idea though?
Tirzah:  Well, to hear God speak to me.

Me:  Was it hard to stick to your commitment?
Tirzah:  Yah. Sometimes I forgot, only a few times but those times I made sure to read doubt (8 chapters) the next day.

Me:  Did you ever feel like quitting?
Tirzah: Well sometimes only because some of the books are hard to read.

Me: What books were the hardest?
Tirzah: Honestly...Psalms, Romans.  Because I love the books about Jesus...and some were stories, that's easier for me.

Me: Why was Psalms hard?
Tirzah: Well some of it didn't super make sense to me.

Me: Did you understand that it's David's songs to God?
Tirzah: Yes I do know that. Some was Soloman too.

Me: What was your favorite books in the Old Testament?
Tirzah: First and Second Samuel definitely!

Tirzah: I love the story about David and Abigail.

Me: What was your second favorite of the Old Testament?
Tirzah: Well loved reading about Joseph, Abraham and Isaac.  The thing that surprised me was the story of Moses wasn't what I thought, I thought it would be more details. The amount of sacrifices people had to do for their sin also surprised me.

Me: What was your favorite of the New Testament?
Tirzah:  Matthew b/c it was the first I got to hear about Jesus after reading the Bible for months. I was so excited to finally get to the part about Jesus!

Me: Why was that exciting?
Tirzah: It was good because I had been reading the Old Testament for so long and now I got to hear about Jesus and his miracle birth, his miracles he did in his life, how he died for us.

Me: Any other favorites in the NT besides the Gospels?
Tirzah: Yes it would have to be Acts b/c I loved hearing about Peter now telling others about Jesus.

Me: Anything you want to share that you feel you learned that you didn't know before?
Tirzah: Well I learned lot of things. In Moses' story they had to sacrifice so much and they always had to sacrifice their BEST! Like, not the one they wanted to get rid of. That really hit me.  I loved reading bout how so many people had to trust God.
I learned a lot reading about Elijah and Elisha.  That it took so much faith like when the city ran out of food and they believed God and the next day they learned the enemy was gone. They weren't attacked after all.  And there was tons and tons and tons of food!

Me:Did reading the Bible change anything for you?
Tirzah: Well yes I learned I have to trust God more.  Sometimes when I'm afraid, even things like at Silverwood on scary rides, I need to trust God. Because other people trust God with much bigger things. That was something that I really understood when I read the Bible.

Me: Do you think you will learn more by reading the Bible again?
Tirzah: Oh absolutely! I'm going to do this over and over and over again for the rest of my life! I know I will learn every single time!!

Me: I'm super proud of you Tirzah.
Tirzah: Oh thanks Mom.  I'm glad I did it. Do you think we could maybe get donuts for recess like celebrate or something?


Just some wisdom from our not yet 12 year old Tirzah Liberty.


  1. Wow! Children like Tirzah don't come from just anyone, she has amazing parents who point her to Jesus!

  2. She sounds wise beyond her years :-) What an accomplishment for someone so young! I know that there are chapters that I secretly want to skip through, but she persevered and that is great!

  3. Loved this ... A blessing from a little girl to a grandma
    Thank you

  4. I have a feeling I could learn a lot from your beautiful sweet Miss Tirzah! I seriously need to get reading...