Monday, October 12, 2015


This has become my life motto. I say it multiple times a day. And now...our children say it too.


This fundraiser is much simplified over the last one.

You can order and get it shipped right to you. Scroll through and see the multiple styles and colors.  There are many more colors of the hoodie!! And know you are bringing our daughter home.


  1. Awesome fundraiser idea :)
    LOVE that hoody!!
    I love that saying too & recite that with my class often. Love that you sell orange, our school's color & hoping I remember to log back in to your blog on Payday :) :)
    HUGS!! XO

    1. It lasts for 10 days. Hopefully you can get one. Azlan really wanted to make sure I had the orange color, it's his favorite! :)