Saturday, October 17, 2015

Just 5. You can do 5.

This story is written by one of my personal heroes. Yes. She is. This girl is 15 years old and their family has gone through such a hard, tragic loss. When I found out Azlan was cleft affected @19weeks gestation, Kailyn Loewen's mom, Nichole Loewen, is probably the third person I contacted. Little Noah was cleft affected and we were suddenly forever linked by an incredible bond. I have watched their family go through incredible loss. And pick themselves up and live a life that is nothing short of admirable. After little Noah passed away, they moved their family from Canada to Florida for one main reason: To volunteer with Give Kids The World (Make a Wish) that gave so much joy to their little Noah. Kailyn Loewen has a heart of gold. But she's only 15. I suggested she do a gofundme account to raise money that will supply the food she needs to bless 100 families. She has no idea how amazing she is. She's only 15 and the world could use more Kailyns. It won't take much. Not much at all. $5? $10? 100% of your money will feed poor children. One child...feeding many. I know there are so many gofundme's begging for your attention, but I ask you, from my take a closer look at this one.  Dean Walker and I decided long ago...we couldn't give a lot to everything, so we try to at least give $10 to the ones that tug at our hearts. We've seen the power of $10. At the very least, just read her story.

Could you give $2? $5? Just $5.  I have over 1000 people that read this blog daily. Can you imagine...if you just clicked the link and get $5??? This girl is amazing and she gives of herself 100%.  YOU can make a difference in just giving $5.  

I challenge you.

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