Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Small gifts.

I have learned to really tune in to the details in life and try to recognize the gifts. So easily missed...so easily overlooked.

For me...today...it's the gift of a precious little 2 year old girl that potty trained herself.  I couldn't miss this gift if I tried. I dread that task. I've done it many times and to hear your little girl say "I have to go potty" and put her there and have her go...well...yes.  All morning she has done that.  On her own.

Our days are filled with small gifts. Things we will someday look back on and only hope to remember. The little things that made us smile. That made us look toward Heaven and whisper..."thank you, I needed that".

Today...it's a small gift but in my life of juggling 'hard things'...but I take it as a kiss from Heaven.

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