Thursday, November 19, 2015

The prayers of a little girl.

I tell this story...because it's even though it was such a 'small' was a big way.

And I tell it with the sensitivity that many many heartfelt hearts...go seemingly unanswered.   And you and I...this side of Heaven, will never know the answer to why that is.

This is a story...about a prayer that was answered. Though was big.

To one little was very big.

Tirzah turned 12.  There was only one item on her wish list for the last year.  We stopped talking about it. She had stopped talking about it. But it was her #1 wished for gift.

A kitten.

We have not been an 'animal family'. Yes, we have a horse. But...indoor pets...not so much.

I grew up with a siamese kitten and determined if we ever had a would be one with fun, spunky personality like siamese.

For Tirzah's birthday, we found an amazing family with new 6 week old siamese kittens. In fact...we decided to go for an 'afternoon drive' for these kittens. The people became friends.  We sat and visited with them, with all of our children for over an hour.

During the hour...Azlan fell in love with the feistiest one there.  No surprises in that connection! :)

After looking at me with those eyes and me knowing he has the money in his intentions of going to China...we decided he could buy one as well. So Tirzah got on for her birthday and Azlan bought one with his money.

The names were decided. Moe and Joe.

By the time we got home that evening...Azlan was quite sick. The next day I took him to the pediatrician to find out he was having quite an asthmatic reaction and needed an inhaler.  She said it was highly unlikely this would go away and to not give him treatments sooner than every 4 hours.  Well by 2 hours after treatments...the child would be wheezing, red face and barely able to catch his breath.

We knew it wasn't looking good.

By the second night, Tirzah knew as well.

I went up in her room to find her snuggly Moe and Joe, two tiny 6week old kittens. She was sobbing. Her face was red, puffy, swollen.

As I laid down beside her, stroking her hair...there was little to say.  I had honestly never seen her so emotionally distraught.  She finally spoke up:  "Have you ever had your absolute dream come true...only to have it ripped away two days later?"  Now ... you would have to know Tirzah.  She's all about her siblings and of all her struggles...selfishness isn't really one.  I told her I completely understood and was so sorry for this happening. She quickly looked up at me and said "it would take a miracle wouldn't it? A total miracle for Azlan's asthma to be gone? Because he's getting worse and worse..." She stopped and told me how she's praying for that miracle b/c she would know it was God and nothing else.

I actually cried with her. It was a simple prayer. Not life altering. No disease. No death bed. Just a simple, sweet prayer...from a hurting little girl.  In was a non issue.  To her...? In that moment...? It was a big one.

She wanted a companion. Not a dog.  Tirzah's a reader. Loves crafts. Books. Quiet time. She wanted a sweet kitten to hang out with.

When I came downstairs, I thought "God...that would be such a sweet prayer to answer. A big one...? no. An important one from your vantage point? Not even close. But...for her...a big one."  Her faith will be tested in this big, wild world. There's no doubt.  This...this would be so much to her. Right now.

Dean ran to the store and got a filter for the air return that helped w/ pet dander. We both knew that wouldn't cut it.  This wasn't sneezing and puffy eyes. This was quite extreme asthma.  One hour after treatments I could hear his wheezing across the room.  :(

Well at 7 am the next morning, I ran into his room to find him still sleeping. I laid my ear by his chest to listen and there was no wheezing. Remembering the night before he had come into our room at 4am barely able to catch his breath, I went downstairs thinking he probably just had a treatment before Dean left the house.

I called Dean at 9...he said "no...I listened to him when I left and he sounded perfect!".

He has not had wheezing or a treatment since.

That is now over a week ago.

I have friends much more experienced with pet issues than I. They all agree. Asthmatic reactions to cats...don't go away.  Especially extreme ones.  The pediatrician had told me "please prepare your children...for rehoming your kittens".  We did decide to rehome Azlan's. And we did that quickly.  I apologize...publicly...for my lack of faith in doing so.  I thought "if he can't play with him, sleep with him etc...he paid for him...then we mind as well move on".  And we did. Azlan was fully on board with the decision.

But Tirzah...? Tirzah had that heartfelt...sweet prayer from a breaking 12 year old heart...answered.

And she will tell you with a sparkle in her eye.


  1. this is so incredibly awesome.... tears. Our Good Good God. Oh His heart. <3

  2. We are a family with severe allergies and asthma to all pets and pretty much most every other typical and not typical allergen out there. We have wished them away many times. Our lives revolve around many allergy meds and total complete avoidance of all the things we are allergic too. This means the houses we built had to be gone through to remove chemicals. We have to use all natural and unscented cleaning products, over a dozen air cleaners and water filters. We don't go to anyones home and have to pre check every place we go. We don't travel much and flying is out for the most part. Hubby can tolerate a bit more with massive Benedryl doses because his asthma is occasional. Going into a grocery store or department store has become a nightmare for us with all the potpourri, plug ins and candles everywhere. We eat entirely organic as we are sensitive too even food allergies and all the perservatives etc in foods. Most people who don't walk this path don't understand how ludacrious it is to have to live this way. We adopted from China too and only one parent went as trying for us all to go would be an impossible feat. Ironically, the kids we adopted, I guessed by videos we got of them, seemed allergic too and we found...are severely allergic too! :-0. LOL Seriously!!!! The steps we take, the way we live is nuts but exceptionally clean too! :-) So if one family or anyone gets healed of allergies and asthma! CONGRATULATIONS! Have a huge party because this is a tough and restrictive way to live, we have been at it now nearly 50 years!!!!! So happy to hear God is answering a girls prayer! But living with this for so long, its not a small prayer, its a HUGE prayer answered. Allergies and Asthma can be horribly dangerous, like in our entire families case.,We are allergy experts so God answering your daughters prayer is like winning the biggest lottery!!!! Again, Congrats! Tell your daughter too to pray for families out there who suffer with this life limiting condition to get healed because she must have a direct line to God! Again this is a gigantic prayer to have answered! Please let her know that! Again, so happy for your little girl! :-)

  3. Happy Birthday to your sweet beautiful Tirzah! I am so glad her prayer was answered, Azlan is well and she gets to keep her kitten! God is good!