Monday, December 7, 2015


We received our Letter Of Approval (soft copy) at day 21 since LID!

Needless to say...we and our agency were shocked!

What does this mean? This is a big, big step closer to bringing ZhenAi home.

We are likely traveling in February.  And trying to move first of January.

Please...if you would be so kind...keep us in your sincere prayers. We have a lot going on right now.

Thank you so very much, friends.


  1. Oh my heart goes out to you!! When we were adopting our daughter, Quinn, from China, we had also started the process of moving our entire house from one farmstead to the other, but thought that it wouldn't interfere with the adoption timeline. Suddenly, the housemovers have a cancellation and long story short, we got moved into it ONE WEEK before leaving for China. At the time, I thought the chaos and crazziness would put me over the edge, and I admit that it wasn't easy. It did force me to let others help me out, which I struggle to do- I like to be the helper, not the "helpee"! Blessings to you both and strength to get through the crazy months ahead, with the sweet journey in February to meet your new daughter! Michelle

  2. Thinking of your family… will be praying for your coming weeks and months. Trusting in His unwavering love and goodness. He will provide.

    Thank you for sharing your lovely family.