Saturday, February 27, 2016

Day 2 ~ February 27

We slept all night and woke at 6am.  It was wonderful.

We got ready and went down for breakfast.  These people are lovely. They are to the point, quick, smiley and professional. I could totally make it here :)

Breakfast was amazing.  They let the kids be included on Dean's buffet breakfast and they were totally stuffed.

We spent quite a bit of time talking about our options. Hong Kong Disney is 5 miles from our hotel.  While that wouldn't normally be an option and yes, we are conscious of how much money we raised for this was pretty inexpensive because of the girls' ages.  It would have cost us less than $200.  We discussed and dismissed that. Then we considered a local theme park but the train would have taken 1.5 hour each way just to get to it and we were out of time.  Finally we settled on just heading into the city.  We had marked spots that showed us the "real Hong Kong" and the touristy part.  We are so glad we saw both!!  

This. The longest escalators known to man and us maneuvering them with strollers and children :)

This market was so crowded it was crazy. We had 2 strollers (thankful Dean insisted on bringing a stroller for Izrael which I wouldn't normally do but she slept for HOURS!)

We then got back on the subway and went to the next spot recommended to us.

Trying to get Sally Sue to smile for a selfie! ;)

We have no idea how far we walked but it was hours and hours.  Hours.  We left the hotel at 10am ish and returned at almost 11pm!  Everything on our list to see or do we did or saw.  We "did" Hong Kong in this one day.  So tomorrow...we rest :)

Double Decker buses for days!


Totally found my style in HK!

The one place strongly recommended to us by my brother was "The Peak".  A tram that goes up a mountain and gives you an incredible view. We got to it and there had to be well over a few thousand people waiting in line.  All the way up the hill, across the street and in the next building. And...then we saw the price.  It was the same price as Disney which we had nixed earlier. sweet brother...we passed. The girls would not have made it in the line for hours and the cost was way too high. But..we saw it. :) 

From there we headed to the ferry to cross over to the island and go see the festival of lights. Ok.
 This boat.  

It was docked and people were loaded and Dean looks back at me to see if I'm going to have the courage to get on! I've seen and been on a lot of seriously rocking boats in my life (having grown up in Newfoundland, Canada) but this? heck.  Dean yells back to pull Izrael backwards ( both girls were sleeping in their strollers). The good news is I got on without overthinking it. And made it on. Yes. Seriously.

That's Dean wiping the sweat from his forehead.  For real.

There were 2 amazing couples before and after the ferry. That saw us lifting strollers with sleeping children down flights of stairs and just jumped in and grabbed an end of the stroller.  So thankful.

The festival of lights was the skyline with lights all synchronized to music.  It was pretty cool and we are glad we went.  

We ended the day getting our sleeping girls Crocs sandals (they both have blisters and we've gone through so many bandaids just in day 1).  Trying desperately to stay awake on the train ride home. That was scary. We were both done. I think we did awesome with this jet lag and way better than 3 years ago. We just owned it and jumped right in. That might sound easy but 16 hours hurts!  We didn't nap and we didn't get home til 11pm! The girls had been sleeping since around 6pm and didn't wake all the way home. Rough ferry ride, carrying them up and down stairs, transporting them to the shuttle and folding up their strollers, and bringing them right in and putting them in bed! They woke at 5am this morning but they slept HOURS yesterday!

So here we are. It's Sunday morning here.  We fly out at 5-6pm today to Kunming. It's a quick flight only around 2 hours and I have to say my stomach is in knots about this flight.  Our in country flight last time was terrifying.  It was extremely rough.  We were left out in the rain before boarding. And an all out fight broke out above our seats. I desperately wanted to take the train this time but the bullet train is under construction in Kunming (we are told) and it would take like 45 hours!! So it wasn't an option. Not for lack of trying. 

I don't yet have a time that we meet ZhenAi.  

As tired as we were, I'm glad we both agreed to just go for Hong Kong yesterday. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and we didn't miss out!

Please pray us safely to Kunming.  Our children are doing amazing back home and I'm so so so thankful we decided to take Izrael and Nazara.  They are entertaining each other and having so much fun but Izrael is about the most tender hearted, sensitive child on the planet.  Extreme.  We've been working hard on expressing yourself with words and not tears this trip. She did really well yesterday. She feels something and just cannot even get words out she just bursts into tears.  This was 100% little Janice Procopio.  Dean said yesterday "Do you think there's a little Janice Walker in there that we just have to help cultivate?" :) 

Thanks for following our story.  XO


  1. Aww.... I adore your family!! I can't wait for you to get your next girly(sp? of her name) to bring home and you are back home.... I can't wait to meet her... you are in my heart and prayers! Adore your family and journey!!!

  2. love reading about your journey. safe travels xoxo